Here’s Why You should Avoid Drinking Tea or Coffee on an Empty Stomach

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Here’s Why You should Avoid Drinking Tea or Coffee on an Empty Stomach

The first thing majority of us wish to sip on is the warm cup of early a.m. tea or coffee- an ultimate fix to start the day! After all, warm tea or coffee mugs are an unbeatable morning alarm enabling to kick start the lazy mornings. However, giving a kick start to your day with a hot tea or coffee may not be as good as it seems like since the “bed tea” culture may affect the health in more than a way!


  • Early morning empty stomach tea or coffee is associated with a number of health risks.
  • Empty stomach coffee consumption can possibly harm the stomach lining, cause heartburn and indigestion.
  • Doing so can hinder the ability to focus and accelerate anxiety issues.
  • Drink tea or coffee after having breakfast or while doing breakfast.
  • Empty Stomach Tea & Coffee Mechanism.

Caffeine and tea are the foremost drinks you shouldn’t be picking up early in the morning that too on an empty stomach. Always remember, it is significant to line the stomach with solid food before putting in caffeine or tea inside it as it may prompt the stomach acids and mayhem the digestion for rest of the day. Consuming coffee on an empty stomach takes a serious toll on your digestive system. All this process going inside the stomach induces the acid production that may damage the stomach lining causing heartburn and indigestion.

Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Tea & Coffee on an Empty Stomach

  • Body needs to be rehydrated every morning: While sleeping, the body undergoes through diverse chemical processes in order to repair and heal the body by removing toxins from various parts of the body. Due to such internal process, body becomes dehydrated by the night and needs to be rehydrated (with the help of water) every morning.
  • Increases toxic level in body: Having tea or coffee isn’t bad but having it on an empty stomach early in the morning may increase the number of toxic build up in blood streams due to which dehydration and poor blood circulation are the results.
  • Increases acid levels in stomach: Hydrochloric acid found in the stomach has an extremely important function which is to support digestion therefore, it is released while eating, smelling or even while thinking about the food. Tea or coffee has been associated to stimulate the hydrochloric acid production inside the stomach even on an empty stomach. This can be damaging to the stomach lining. Also, it may cause heartburn and, acidity including indigestion. Nonetheless, it also interrupts Acid Alkaline balance of the stomach leading to stomach ulcers in long run.
  • Tea & Coffee are diuretics in nature: Usually soon after consuming tea or coffee, restroom is the first target to hit on wherein body loses a lot of water content. Now consider of the situation when the body is already dehydrated, and it even loses more water content in the form of urine. Under such situation blood thickens and moves slowly via veins and arteries. Since blood circulation slows down, oxygen supply to the body parts also slows down including the brain due to which the body starts feeling sluggish.


Heading to opt for freshly brewed tea or coffee mug at early morning might do more harm than good. Rather than relying on tea or coffee, choose to drink a glass of water or eat soaked almonds and walnuts! Water will make you feel hydrated, will prompt motion and soaked nuts will provide energy to kick start the day.

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