Dr. Aalika Banerji Shah

Dr. Aalika believes in the role of food as medicine to treat various diseases & prevention as well. She’s been transforming her patient's lives with a combination of diet, lifestyle, supplementation & allopathy.

Dr. Dixa Bhavsar

Dr. Dixa Bhavsar is a qualified Ayurveda Doctor (BAMS). A true devotee and lover of the Ayurvedic regime, Dr. Dixa credits the poignancy of her lifestyle to the holistic Ayurvedic regime and its magical healing powers. She believes Ayurveda is not just a treatment modality unlike other systems of medicines.

Harman Sidhu

Harman Sidhu is Postpartum Fitness Influencer. Motivational Speaker

Juhi Kapoor

Juhi Kapoor is a fitness influencer & lifestyle educator whose transformational journey has inspired thousands of weight watchers. She helps people build a sustainable lifestyle with her fitness ideas, healthy cooking, and traditional Indian food wisdom.

Dr. Kiran Lohia

Dr. Kiran Lohia is MD. Dermatologist. Wellness expert

Kuntal Joisher

Kuntal Joisher combines the distinction of being both an accomplished mountaineer and a high-end, computer science professional. Joisher has been named one of India’s top 30 fitness influencers and has also been featured on the TEDx platform multiple times. Joisher is passionate about three causes: raising awareness about the disease of Dementia, spreading the message of Veganism, and education of the underprivileged in Nepal.

Manikaa Chadha

A Mass communication student who is a food blogger and loves writing about beauty and fashion. I'm a certified social media manager and is keen to learn more about Instagram marketing in this digital era.

Nipa Asharam

Nipa Asharam is Life Coach. Health Coach. TED Speaker

P. R. Sreejesh

P. R. Sreejesh is Goalkeeper.

Ruchi Khosla

Ruchi Khosla is a mind-body coach, yoga therapist and motivational speaker. She uses an integrated approach towards various fitness and wellness methodologies and helps people take the first steps to start their wellness journeys. She is a true example of practicing what she preaches, having used this holistic approach in her own healing journey. Now she is sharing this knowledge to inspire others to find their path towards healing.

Dr. Shilpi Behl

Dentist & Facial Aesthetics Cosmetologist