Add these Foods in your Breakfast to Boost Digestive Health

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Add these Foods in your Breakfast to Boost Digestive Health

The digestive tract plays an important role in deciding your overall health and well-being, as it’s liable for absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste. Many people find it daunting to maintain a healthy digestive system. There are a number of reasons that can affect your digestion like, sleep cycle, diet, fitness, and overall health and wellness. Further to this, it may lead to digestive problems like diarrhoea, abdominal pain, gas, bloating, constipation and cramping for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the best foods that you can incorporate in your breakfast to boost your overall digestive health.

  • Apples:
  • Apples contain a rich source of soluble fibre, pectin. Pectin helps increase stool bulk and movement through our digestive tract. It can also decrease inflammation in your colon. Apple also is rich in vitamin C and A and has a number of potassium and minerals. This is how it helps tackle the problem of constipation and maintains a healthy digestive system.

  • Papaya
  • This luscious tropical fruit is the perfect food to start your day with for a healthy gut. Starting your day with papaya can boost your digestive function throughout the day, as it has digestive enzymes called papain that contribute to the healthy digestion of proteins. It may also relieve IBS symptoms.

  • Whole Grains:
  • Due to their high fibre content, whole grains may support healthy digestion by reducing constipation, feeding your healthy gut bacteria, and adding bulk to your stool. Popular fibre-packed whole grains include farro, quinoa, oats and products made from while wheat.

  • Banana:
  • Bananas are well-known for digestion as they contain high fibre which is important for a good bowel movement. A single banana is a satiating and fulfilling addition to your breakfast meal.

  • Honey-Lemon:
  • Starting your day with warm water, honey and lemon is said yo improve both immunity and digestion. Having it empty stomach boost your metabolism and also aids you on your journey towards weight loss.
  • Yogurt:
  • Yoghurt contains a friendly bacteria called probiotics which is good for your digestive tract and helps improving digestion by keeping your gut healthy. Probiotics can help with digestive problems, such as constipation, diarrhoea, and bloating. They have also been shown to improve the digestion of milk sugar or lactose.

Over to you:
Digestive problems can be really challenging, but certain foods can be helpful in easing uncomfortable symptoms. If you’re seeking relief for your digestive woes, consider adding these 6 foods to your diet to boost your digestive health.

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