Fact v/s Fiction: Menstruation

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Fact v/s Fiction: Menstruation

When it comes to menstruation, tons of facts revolve around in the universe. Google says something while people say something. But if you are confused between what is exactly right and what to believe then we have got you covered. We bring you the answers to some of the most common myths around menstruation. Now, you don’t have to worry about what’s right or wrong- just give a quick read to this article and slay your menstrual cycle like nothing else.

Be it period cramps or exercising, here is everything you should know to make yourself happy and healthy during your menstruation. 

Here’s everything you should know about menstruation:

Myth 1: You should not exercise during your periods 

This is one of the most common saying you have listened to the people around you. But let us tell you that exercising can make your period cramps get better. It is not important to do gymming and high-intensity workout to battle the period cramps and pain. You can simply go for a brisk walk and can easily fight menstrual discomfort.

Myth 2: Typical period lasts for 3 days

Yes, it is true that periods generally last from three to five days but there is nothing wrong with a shorter and longer cycle of the period. Periods can also last for a minimum of two days and as long as for seven days and there is nothing to worry about it. Always count your days and if your period lasts for a single day or more than a week then it is advisable to consult to a doctor.  

Myth 3: Heavy bleeding is a matter of concern

It is said that heavy bleeding is a sign of unhealthy inner you and problems but the amount of bleeding depends upon women to women. Some days a woman can get heavy flow while some days the bleeding might be normal. There is nothing to worry about it as long as you are suffering from abnormally hefty menstrual bleeding, which is also known as menorrhagia. If you feel weak and notice abnormal bleeding then you should definitely talk to your doctor.

Myth 4: Premenstrual Syndrome is not a real thing

Many people said that there is nothing like PMS and it’s all in the head but PMS do exist and it starts one to two week before menstruation. There are various symptoms of PMS including breast tenderness, acne on the skin, headaches, joint pain, fatigue and food cravings.


So, don’t believe what other says! Just find out what is correct to make the inner you happy and healthy during that crucial time of the month. We burst some of the myths around menstruation. Tell us how you deal with the myths around period and stay tuned to debunk more myths. 

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