10 Periods Health Tips

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10 Periods Health Tips

The menstrual cycle is the hormonal process that the women’s body goes through each month. It includes bleeding from the vagina through the lining of the uterus. The psychological, emotional and physical symptoms are accompanied during this time period and are called pre-menstrual syndrome. Also, the cycle tells a lot about the health of the person and it is important because regular periods indicate that the body is working normally. For maintaining a proper health it is necessary to spread awareness and build a strong environment where people are educated. To have a healthy period, all you need is to follow the below mentioned health tips.

Stay hydrated: Water is an essential source to stay hydrated, which also makes for the important health tip during the periods. Drinking enough water helps fight bloating and flushes out waste from the body. It keeps you hydrated and fights cramps and discomfort. Also, the excess blood loss leaves the body exhausted, weak and dehydration can also have digestive problems. Keeping yourself hydrated cures headache and dizzy feeling.

Light exercise: Light exercise like simple stretching helps reduce pressure around the lower parts of the body. It increases blood flow and also cuts down on cramping. Some form of light exercises helps improve nausea and bloating. Other than this, it elevates natural endorphin levels and makes you feel better during the periods.

Healthy diet: Irregular periods and menstrual cramps can easily be cured with a healthy diet. Make sure to avoid spicy and salty food because it can lead to abdominal bloating. Healthy diet rich with leafy greens, fruits, nuts, protein such as legumes and eggs, low-fat dairy products and a variety of whole grains can collectively boost energy and keeps helps cure menstrual symptoms.

Practice meditation: It is necessary to practice meditation during the periods. It helps lessen the pain that is brought on by the menstrual cycle. It relieves the pain and helps deal with the severity of the menstrual cramps. Also, it relaxes and balances the emotional state.

Change of lifestyle: The important tip is to improve the lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle with the combination of laziness and reliability on junk food are the main reason of disturbed and irregular period. So, try and follow a lifestyle that keeps your healthy eating habits on track and hence, make your body to deal with these monthly hormonal changes.

Adequate sleep: Staying up late and not getting enough sleep can affect the hormones, which can have an impact on the menstruation. Inadequate sleep can impact the melatonin levels and this plays a vital part in regulating the menstrual cycle.

Hygiene is important: Personal hygiene during periods is vital. Changing sanitary napkins within every 4 to 6 hours is crucial for vaginal hygiene and prevents infections. Also, remember to bath regularly as self-care is of utmost important thing to practice.

Manage stress: Dealing with stress during menstrual cycle can really be annoying. Menstrual cycle causes hormonal fluctuations, which can affect the stress levels. Be sure to indulge in breathing exercises, meditation and engage in a relaxing hobby to relieve stress and anxiety.

Go for home remedies: It is common to feel the discomfort around the abdominal area during the periods. Applying a heat water bottle to your abdomen work best for relieving menstrual cramps. Ginger and lemon in warm water also helps solve digestive problems. Other than this, cumin has a relaxing effect and anti-inflammatory properties to get rid of menstrual cramps.

Avoid excess caffeine: Drinking too much caffeine can lead to dehydration. It heightens anxiety, tension and trouble sleeping.

Make periods comforting by embarking the above-listed help tips. All you need to do is extra care and effort to keep up with healthy periods.

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