#Exam prep: Tricks to Beat Stress

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#Exam prep: Tricks to Beat Stress

Backed by stress, under the books- exam time is nearby! It’s common to feel stressed during exam time. But, one has to look beyond the room to stay more relaxed and calm to prepare well and give their best in exams. We bring you some of the quick tricks to combat that exam stress. With these quick tricks, you can reduce your stress levels in no time. So, let’s get started. 

  • Exercising is the key: A lot of researches suggest that exercising helps in combatting stress while giving your mind peace of mind and sense of serenity. Go out and exercise for at least for thirty minutes. You can do jogging, warm-up exercise, biking or walking. Believe us exercises are really helpful in making you de-stress in no time.
  • Take out some time for deep breathing: One should not miss to try out deep breathing exercises that reduce cortisol levels (stress levels). You can do belly breathing and breathe focus exercise for instant results.
  • Take a Nap: A short and nice nap reduces stress easily. Take out a half-hour and lay down and just relax your mind. Don’t think anything and when you get up you will definitely feel garden like fresh.
  • Take a break from your Mobile Phone and social media: Don’t let your smartphone give you tensions. When you say others posting about memes and jokes you will definitely feel tensed. Just try to keep away from your phone and stay focus on yourself with a calm and clear mind while avoiding any distractions.
  • Have a tea on one hand: Sipping a soothing chamomile tea helps you in relieving all kind of stress during your exam preparation. Chamomile tea has calming properties and helps muscle relaxation and any kind of physical pain.
  • Take a Relaxing Massage: A five-minute massage can result in decreased heart rate and further helps in reducing your stress levels. Massaging your scalp with heated oil relieves your tensed muscles, reduces headaches and helps in deep relaxation and bursts out all the stress.

Over to You

Studying for long hours during exam time and not taking out time for yourself will result in more stress. Follow these tricks so that you can become calmer, happier and prepare well for exams. 

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