15 Day Health Challenge for Brides-to-be: Day 15- Health Check-Ups to Consider Before Your Big Day

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15 Day Health Challenge for Brides-to-be: Day 15- Health Check-Ups to Consider Before Your Big Day

Before you decide to spend the rest of your life with your partner there is one very crucial thing that you and your fiancé need to get done before your wedding day. Medical check-ups are not only advised but a must-do for a healthy and happy married life. Many are anxious about this and have preconceived notions, but doing this will help you prevent unneeded and unwanted stress and problems later in your life. Knowing your betrothed

partner’s health doesn’t imply that the marriage itself is on unsettled grounds. But it will enable you to take proper medical precaution if required. Here are 4 tests that you should consider before your marriage.

HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) tests

HIV, hepatitis C and B can be a lifelong condition if not managed properly and can strain your marriage. Acknowledging your partner’s status can help you protect yourself from the requisite medical care only if your partner turns out to be positive and you decide to go forth with the marriage. Other STDs e.g. syphilis, bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhoea and warts can be treated with appropriate medical care. This will lessen the risk of miscarriages and infertility. 

Blood Group compatibility test

You and your partner’s blood group need to be compatible to prevent any problems during pregnancy like Rhesus disease. It defects the antibodies in a pregnant woman’s blood that destroy her baby’s blood cells. Men with rhesus positive blood group married to rhesus negative wife have a greater chance of rhesus incompatibility where the growing fetus takes after the father in the blood group causing this problem and leading to miscarriages and intrauterine death.

Fertility test

This a crucial test as these tests can be addressed prior without causing any unnecessary psychological, biological, emotional and social trauma one associates with barrenness. 

Genetic or chronic medical conditions testing

Preliminary testing can allow a couple to take up medical care before their medical conditions get worse. The test includes kidney disease, certain cancers, tests for hypertension and thalassemia, amidst any others you feel need to be done.

Over to you:

All in all, most people may not really like to do things which are necessary to stay on top of their physical health and well being, but do them none-the-less. When it comes to the health of your marriage, you have to be committed to routine and yearly checkup of the items that are needed to maintain the good health of your marriage.

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