Fact v/s Fiction: Skipping Breakfast helps in Losing Weight

By      08-Feb 2020       Reading Time: 5 Mins

Fact v/s Fiction: Skipping Breakfast helps in Losing Weight

Losing weight has become a process of struggle due to the plenty of myths around it. The overload of misleading information around weight loss can make you suffer from nutritional deficiency. Many people believe that skipping breakfast helps in losing weight whereas this is a complete myth and it can further make you tired, drained and exhausted as breakfast is one of the important meals of the day.

Due to the various types of diseases, healthily losing weight is extremely crucial and a unhealthy way of losing weight can not only mess with your metabolism but also disturb the functioning of your body. Today we bring you some of the great myths that revolve around skipping breakfast and losing weight. Try to stay away from weight loss myths and efficiently lose weight to make yourself healthy and happy in the long run.     

Myth 1: You should consume raw foods in the morning rather than cooked food

Many people believe that raw foods are healthy and nutritious rather than cooked food. As raw foods have gained much momentum over the years due to its property of losing weight but let us tell you that cooked foods are filled with nutrients and are easy to digest as well. Cooked food stimulates the nutrients in the food and makes it easy to digest and absorb by the body. You should consume raw fruits and avoid any juices in the breakfast as it cuts down the fibre from the fruits but try to consume cooked veggies for an instant dose of nutrients and great digestive tract.  

Myth 2: Skipping breakfast fasten metabolism

For all of you who don’t know, breakfast is as one of the crucial meals of the day. Breakfast makes you satiated and can also slow down your cravings which further reduce your overconsumption of meals and calorie intake. A healthy breakfast gives a kick-start to your metabolism and helps in losing weight healthily. Skipping breakfast is not considered good as it can make you weak by seizing your energy levels. If you are trying to lose weight then you should definitely consume a healthy breakfast in your lifestyle. Your breakfast should be filled with fibre and Vitamins for effective weight loss results. You can consume foods like smoothies, fruits and oatmeals in your breakfast.

Myth 3: Drinking green tea in the breakfast help in losing weight

It’s a well-believed myth by many people that having green tea in the morning can help in reducing weight. Green tea is a great source of getting antioxidants but it has nothing to do with the weight loss. Various researches said that consuming green tea can boost your metabolism but it cannot give any significant changes in the weight.


Yes, breakfast is one of the silver bullets to lose weight. If you take care of its consumption it will definitely help you in losing those extra pounds. Just try to don’t skip it as it can only give your body negative effects.








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