Flavoured Synthetic Drinks

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Flavoured Synthetic Drinks

Beverages are any consumable drinks; they can act as a nutritional requirement for the human body. Beverages can be essential for growth and development too.

Some of the importance of beverages in health are–

– Beverage consumption can stop depleting levels of water requirement of the body hence preventing
– The water helps in the digestion, assimilation, and excretion processes of the body
– Through the process of sweating, it is good for temperature regulation.
– Beverages made from fruit consist of micronutrients.
– Beverages like tea stimulate the central nervous system
– Dairy beverages that are fermented which have good bacteria help restore and improve gastro-intestinal

Natural Vs Synthetic beverages

Natural beverages are derived from natural sources and are mostly fruit-based, or milk, sugar, acid is their main composition.

Synthetic beverages are made synthetically, for example, flavoring and coloring materials. They are a cheaper alternative and mostly make soft drinks with flavored sugar syrup. They can either be carbonated or non-carbonated, but are always high artificial sweeteners.

Before talking about drinks let’s get into the basic composition of beverages. Flavors are mostly additives in beverages that are responsible for their sensory profile. It constitutes the major component of the drink, and therefore it is necessary. Now they are mostly natural flavors and artificial flavors.

Natural flavors are obtained from a source that is derived from plant or animal matter but does not necessarily hold nutritional value.

Overview of Synthetic Drinks

– Soft drinks contain a high level of sugar, and consuming large quantities of sugar increases the blood sugar
level and may make the body susceptible to diabetes and ailments concerning the heart.
– It also may lead to the decaying of the enamel of your teeth and increase the risk of development of
– High sugar consumption also leads to increased body weight and increased fat deposition to body tissues
leading to obesity.
– Artificial flavoring such as corn-starch syrup and sweet flavoring may lead to increased cravings for other
sweet and sugary foods.
– Soft drinks generally rich in acids lead to lower blood calcium levels which may be detrimental for women
and growing children. It may lead to poor development of bones and skeletal structure and weakening of
– Caffeinated sodas are to be avoided as they may lead to dehydration or excessive intake. Caffeine is a
diuretic that increases your body fluid secretions which may lead to an excessive fluid loss on
overconsumption. This leads to excessive thirst and fatigue.

Soft drinks often help students and the working-class to quell their satiety. High sugar content leads to increased glucose concentration in blood providing ample energy to work. Caffeine has positive stimulation on the nervous system leading to a production in activity with very few side effects and chances of addiction. Soft drinks containing added fruit pulp and essential vitamins and minerals are easy to obtain sources of nutrition.

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