Yoga for Winter: Practice these Asanas to Bid Adieu to Body Stiffness

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Yoga for Winter: Practice these Asanas to Bid Adieu to Body Stiffness

Winter is a season that brings about many challenges, from dryness in the air to make your body stiff and rigid. The joints in the body become stiff and muscles lose their flexibility due to lower pressure and temperature around us. There is also a decrease in the rate of blood circulation in the body and lower blood oxygen levels. This collectively makes it more difficult for the body to retain its flexibility and becomes stiff. To help against such conditions as well as to maintain your health, here are some effective yoga asanas

1- Trikonasana – Also known as the triangle pose, this asana is performed with both sides of the body. To start, stand with a gap of 3-4 feet between the feet. Turn your right foot outside and stretch your arms to your shoulder level while your torso is in front of you. The right arm will touch the right foot while we bend from our waist, and the left arm goes opposite to the right arm and stretches upwards. This asana is then repeated, with the alternate arm. This asana is helpful for the muscles of the groin, hips, shoulders, and hamstrings.

2- Uttanasana – It is a standing asana where the body’s posture is bent forwards, so it is also known as standing forward bend. In this asana, we start from the tadasana and bend forward from the hips, and we try to touch our knees with our chest. More flexible individuals may be able to their feet with their hands and the ones not capable now must set it as their goal. It is also necessary to maintain this posture for as long as possible, this is because it helps maintain the body’s alignment. This asana not only reduces stiffness but also improves the body’s functioning.

3- Matsyasana – Also known as fish pose. This asana starts from lying down in Shavasana. Then with the help of elbows as pillars, the chest region is raised using the shoulder’s muscles. This is a reclining chest opening pose. This asana stretches the abdominal muscles along with the neck and back muscles. This asana also helps in relieving respiratory problems along with stiffness in the upper body.

4- Dhanurasana – This is also famous as the bow pose. This pose involves almost all your muscles present behind your sight. To perform this asana, start by lying down on your stomach. Follow it by bending your knees, and then holding them with your palms. Slowly begin to lift your legs along with your arms and raise them to your limit. Lift your neck to look upwards and hold this posture as long as possible. This asana is very beneficial as the whole body is utilized.


It is important to warm up before stretching your muscles. This can be done by doing Surya Namaskar or meditating while using breathing exercises. In winter, it is necessary to become more physically active to avoid many health issues.

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