15 Day Health Challenge for Brides-to-be: Day 3, Wrap up Your Dinner Early

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15 Day Health Challenge for Brides-to-be: Day 3, Wrap up Your Dinner Early

With the chaos before the d-day, bride-to-be often forgets about eating or involve herself in untimely meals which leads to weight gain and can hamper the glow before the d-day. Wrapping up the meals early is extremely important to keep yourself fit and fine and to get that slim and toned body. 


Challenge: Keep a gap of 3 hours between your ingestion and sleep. 


Following the unhealthy habit of sleeping right after eating can hamper the digestion and thus leads to weight gain and health complications. Our body is busy digesting the food we eat and hence sleeping right after eating is not good for the health.  To put it in a perspective, we all have heard the saying, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper however what we fail to emphasize is our sleep. 


Eating too late makes us prone to minute insomnia because our body doesn’t let us sleep since its busy digesting the food we just ate and hence maintaining a gap of 3 hours in between your meal and your sleep is recommended so that your body gets adequate time to digest. 


One more thing to keep in mind is to avoid eating late snacks or dinner. Binging unhealthy snacks late at night not only pack huge pounds in your body but can also hamper your sleep.  It can further make your mornings dull and less energetic. 


Here are some health benefits of eating early dinners:

  • Decrease the chances of obesity
  • Boost digestion and digestive health
  • Keep your heart in fine fettle 
  • Good night sleep



To slay that perfect body on the wedding, incorporating some healthy lifestyle changes is extremely important. Pay heed on the way you eat and sleep. Keep a gap of 3 hours between the meal and the sleep to prevent various health complications and insomnia. Even if you feel hungry late at night, you can incorporate some healthy snacking options in your diet to avoid any weight gain before your wedding. Try this health challenge to make yourself hale and hearty. 

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