How To Avoid Post Wedding Weight Gain

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How To Avoid Post Wedding Weight Gain

Marriage is the sacred union and partnership of a man and woman wherein both of them are equally responsible to keep the foundation of a new and happy life. Couples try to adapt to the changed lifestyle, new beginnings and uncertain travel plans thus bein about their diet and sleep patterns. Frequent and unplanned outings lead to unintentional weight gain which becomes quite difficult to control. So, here we bring you a guide which could help you with the tips to avoid the post-wedding weight gain.

Following are some tips which you can follow to keep yourself in track post-marriage:

  • Work out together
  • Have you noticed couples working out together more often these days? Well, the reason behind this is motivation! Working out together plays a very role as it is with working out together that level up motivation. Even the recent researches suggest that it brings a great amount of motivation if the couples work out together, as training with your partner not only allows you to push each other to a healthy lifestyle but can also help in building a strong bond that will ultimately bring you closer. You can exercise by following a gym routine or by simply walking around your apartment building, at the local mall, health club. By performing simple yoga asanas, push-ups and regular exercises will keep your blood circulation in check thereby making you feel active and energetic.

  • Limit your outings
  • As soon as you get married, you are occupied with the welcome dine outs at families or restaurants. Although these outings are difficult to resist but make sure that you have balanced eating with controlled portion sizes. You should be cautious of the amount of refined carbohydrates and sugars that you consume in order to avoid sudden weight gain.

  • Travel healthy
  • Travelling post marriage is quite exciting as well as thrilling. While travelling along with your partner is fun, however, a lot of deviations in the diet might happen while travelling only. So, all you couple out there must not forget to travel safe but keeping health in check.

    Following are some travel guidelines so that you take care of your diet while travelling:

    • Eat Smartly: When eating out try to go for the healthiest option available, which should include lots of vegetables, less of oil and is filling too.
    • Stay hydrated: Water is crucial for the body as well as for survival. So, keep your water intake up by consuming at least 2-3 litres of water in a day. Drinking enough water will help to ward off unnecessary hunger pangs and to stay fresh, active and exfoliated alongside. You can also drink lemon water, buttermilk, coconut water and clear soups to in order to increase your fluid intake.
    • Always keep a healthy snack box: It is quite common to have a habit of nibbling and it occurs more often when you are travelling. Travelling is the time where one makes the unhealthiest food choices. So, toward that off you can carry fruits, nuts like almonds, walnuts, roasted foxnuts (makhana) to munch upon when hungry. These options are not just healthy but also provide you with essential nutrients like fibre, good fat, vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium etc.
    • Grab a fruit: Try to grab a fruit while you travel so whenever every time you feel hungry, you reach out to fruit to provide you with a dose of fibre.
    • Try to balance your day’s meal: Always keep in mind to have one meal out of 3 meals heavy and rest of the consecutive meals lighter.
  • Abstain from carbonated drinks and beverages
  • Every one of us likes to have soft drinks. These carbonated beverages give you nothing just empty calories with added sugar. So instead of having a glass of a coke try to go for options like salted lemon water, buttermilk as they will provide you with optimum nutrition and hydration.

  • Get enough sleep
  • Your sleep patterns get disturbed post marriage to a great extent. Lack of sleep impacts your overall health and can also cause weight gain due to the release of certain hormones like Ghrelin. To keep this in check, get enough sleep for at least 6-8 hours by sleeping at a regular time every day.

Over to you:
Marriage brings several changes in your lifestyle. All that is required is not keeping your health at stake by taking proper care of yourself and your partner and by welcoming the beautiful beginnings wholeheartedly.

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