Five Home Remedies that do Wonders to Cure Dry Eyes

By      27-Oct 2019       Reading Time: 5 Mins

Five Home Remedies that do Wonders to Cure Dry Eyes

Have your eyes ever felt uncomfortable, painful, irritating and burning? This happens because your tear gland unable to produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes and this condition is generally known as dry eyes. Poor quality tears or diminished tear production can cause dry eye syndrome and there can be various environmental and medical causes of this. If your eyes feel scratchy, dry, fatigued, red, light sensitivity and blurred vision then here are some home remedies that you should definitely try to get those relieved and painless eyes.

Gentle cloth pressing: This method is very effective in soothing your eyes. It will not only help in lubricating the eyes but also improvise the quality of your tears. You will feel relaxed and any kind of redness and irritation will be cured. All you have to do it take a bowl of warm water and soak a clean soft cloth in it. Gently, press this soaked cloth over your eyes for about five minutes (similar to the process of fever) and don’t forget to clean your eyelids from both the side to get rid of the dirt. Repeat this process for a few times or until your eyes feel some relaxation.

The soothing aloe vera gel: Aloe Vera gel is alkaline in nature and due to which it is considered as an effective remedy for the treatment of dry eyes. It can easily reduce the redness and swelling because it works best as a moisturiser and have anti-inflammatory properties. Extract the gel from the aloe Vera leaf. Take some gel on fingertips and gently massage it for at least 10-15 minutes on the outside of your eyelids and surrounding skin as well. Rinse well with some lukewarm water. For best results, repeat at least twice daily.

The rose water therapy: Dry eyes can be caused by the deficiency of Vitamin A and rose water is rich in it and thus provides you relaxation from both strained and tired eyes. Just close your eyelids and cover it with a rose water soaked cotton ball. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse well with cold water. For instant relief, use pure rose water as eye drops. For great results, repeat the therapy at least three times a day.

Resting leads to perfection: Frequent contact with anything can also lead your eyes into restlessness. For example continuous reading, TV watching, and continuous usage of computer can drain tears from your eyes, so to regain the moisture, it’s important to slow down these activities. Also, try to avoid smoke from getting into the eyes because it can cause irritation to dry eyes.

Washing is the key: Gently cleaning the eyelids with cold water and the nearby skin and eyelashes with cold water can help cure irritation. If the irritation is not very dense, drop some baby shampoo on your fingertips and gently massage on your closed eye and wash off with the cold water. If the irritation and redness is uncontrollable try consulting a doctor first before using any ointment or soap.

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