Here are some sustainable weight loss ideas and science backing it

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Here are some sustainable weight loss ideas and science backing it

Overweight can put you at great risk for health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and Cardiovascular disease. To avoid predicament start making healthy choices each day instead of going on and off of diets. Did you know? A slow loss of 1/2 to 2 pounds per week is best for losing weight because if you lose too much too fast, there are chances that you might gain back the weight. 

To attain quick but long term weight loss, it is vital to focus on nutrition, exercise, sleep and various other lifestyle factors like sleep and what and how much you are eating. Here are simple yet efficient ways to permanently decrease your waistline without completely starving yourself.

Here are some sustainable ideas that can help reduce weight:

Do not skip meals:

Start off your day with a healthy breakfast. Eating at least three to five meals per day helps your body have the energy it needs and averts hunger. Control your portion size, use a small plate and take small amounts of a variety of food. Eat when you are hungry, do not overeat to satisfy your desire for certain food of your liking or because you are bored or depressed. Take a walk or do something that you savour. 

Exercise daily: 

Before starting a new workout routine do consult your physician. Be more enthusiastic, take the stairs or park your car farther away. Aim to exercise 1 hour a day, at least 5 days a week by doing activities such as walking, bike riding, swimming, running and hiking or any home exercises. You can refer to online videos and start working out at home to avoid any crowds during this global pandemic.

Limit sugar and sweets:

Limit food that contains refined sugars such as desserts, donuts, cookies and candies. We all know they might satisfy our sweet tooth but are absolutely dangerous for our health. Such foods contain plenty of calories and few nutrients. You can always go for natural sweeteners like dates, jaggery, honey, fruits, raisins instead of such harmful food items. 

Drink plenty of water:

You should drink plenty of water to lose weight. Say, at least Drink 2.5- 3 litres of water each day. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated and excrete out the toxins. Dehydration not only makes you weak by killing your energy levels but can also create various digestive issues like constipation. You can also consume home-made buttermilk, coconut water, smoothies and incorporate infused water into your diet to get effective results with good health. 

Be careful when eating out: 

Eating at a fancy restaurant or at a local Dhaba can easily increase your calorie intake which again can hamper your weight loss goals. To avoid that, whenever you are going out always order low calorie and nutrient-dense foods like a bowl of vegetable soup or salad. 

Snack for better health:

Healthy and nutritious snacking can never hamper your weight loss goals. Picking up the natural and nutrient-dense snacks is a good way to boost your metabolism while curbing your hunger. Enjoy fruit salad, smoothies, sautee vegetables, seeds with homemade curd instead of processed and packaged snacks. Make your own trail mix at home or keep roasted chana or makhana by your side. These are the healthiest snacks weight-watchers can easily incorporate in their diet. 

Get a proper sleep cycle:

A night of good sleep not only keep your mind calm and serene but also increase your energy levels while making you more productive that can benefit your workout. Aim to obtain 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep to help balance your hormones and keep your metabolism function optimally.

Over to you:

Small changes can lead to great results. Once you balance the nutrition, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle habits, consider levelling up your weight loss journey by implementing one to all of the tips for the most effective, lasting results.


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