Sleeping Issues? Try these Simple yet Effective Yoga Poses to Boost your Sleep

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Sleeping Issues? Try these Simple yet Effective Yoga Poses to Boost your Sleep

When you take all the effort to sleep, but still end up tossing and turning all night and only wake-up to feeling cranky and tired, can be a real issue. Getting less than 7 hours of sound sleep and affect the entire body and lead to health consequences.

While sleeping disorders are a common sight in most of the working population and youth, you can negotiate with the stress naturally with yoga. Practicing certain yoga asanas can actually help you with a sound night sleep. Read on to know more about them.

1) Standing forward bend (Uttanasana):

It is not only simple, but also effective when it comes to helping in sleep deprivation. 

How to:

-Start by standing straight with arms on the side.

-Exhale and bend forward. Let your spine be elongated by extending your torso. 

-Hold onto both of your elbows.

-Stay for as long as it’s comfortable, keeping a watch on the form.

2)Plow Pose (Halasana):

Regular practice of plow pose helps in rejuvenation of the entire body’s system. It has- calming and restorative effect on the sympathetic nervous system. 

How to: 

-Start by lying down on the mat, with arms on the side and palms on the floor.

-Inhale and lift your legs up to the vertical. 

-Keep your spine straight. 

-Take several breaths, releasing the tension in the throat, shoulders and chest. 

-Exhale and slowly lift your legs over the head, lifting off the hips. 

-Your hips should be in line with your shoulder, your toes landed on the ground and your arms extended on the mat-interlocked. 

-Stay for 5 breaths. Release. 

3)Child Pose(Shishuasana):

It has the most relaxing stretch on the back, helps in calming the nervous system down. Hence, promoting a sound sleep. 

How to: 

-Begin by sitting on your heels.

-Keeping your hips on the heels, bend forward and lower your forehead on the floor.

-Extend your arms in the front, with your palms facing upwards.

-Slowly press your chest against the thigh. 

-Hold for as long as it’s comfortable. 

4)Happy Baby(Ananda Balasana):

This is an easy bedtime pose for a better sleep.

How to: 

-Just like a happy baby on bed, hold your toes with your fingers and concentrate on your breath. 

-Hold for 5-6 breaths. Release.

5) Corpse Pose(Savasana):

Any yoga flow is generally finished with the savasana. The purpose being, it closes all the windows of your body and creates relaxation from within. 

How to:

-It can be done on your bed, all you need to do is lie down straight. Keep the focus just on inhaling and exhaling. 

Over to you 

Yoga has proven to be beneficial in every aspect of one’s well-being. 

Make sure, your focus is on relieving stress and calming your mind down, through deep breaths. Inculcate these easy yoga asanas to experience sound sleep at night, and wake up fresh just as a rose in June.


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