This Holi Color your plate with 5 Healthy Recipes

By      29-Mar 2021       Reading Time: 5 Mins

This Holi Color your plate with 5 Healthy Recipes

The diverse culture of India has taken us close to various fun-filled festivals, indulges us in the variety of lip-smacking dishes which can drop the pearls of contentment and joy in the air but can further take a toll on our health. Holi, the festival of colours is always incomplete without those fried and sugary syrup coating snacks that can easily put a dent on your health goals. These snacks are loaded with calories that can further lead to various health glitches. So, this Holi, colour your plate with these super easy healthy delicacies and nourish yourself with the goodness of good health.

  • Baked gujiyas: Gujiyas are the star sweet of the festival Holi. Gujiyas are deep-fried and are stuffed with sugar or khoya to give it a delicious taste. But to colour your plate with healthiness, you can easily swap your ingredients and cooking technique and make your Holi bash even more joyous. Baked gujiyas consist of varied flavours and a limited amount of sugar and you can also stuff them with your favourite fruits to make them more fulfilling and healthy. All you have to do is just add whole wheat flour, coconut sugar and nuts and your healthy and tasty dessert is all ready!
  • Multigrain sev puri: Let’s relive the taste of chaat in a healthier version! This multigrain sev puri consists of equally healthy and delicious ingredients like sprouted beans and avocados which can make it a perfect starter in your Holi menu. It offers a wide nutritional profile that keeps you energetic throughout the Holi bash.
  • Moong dal dahi vada: To make sure you get both good health and taste in one go, here we bring you this delicious and healthy recipe. With the goodness of moong dal, urad daal and home-made dahi, this recipe can win the hearts of your guests without hampering their health. Shallow fry the vada and top it with some fruits like pomegranate and your favourite spices and it’s ready!
  • Lauki halwa: Lauki aka bottle gourd is filled with the goodness of multiple nutrients and is high in fibre and low in saturated fats which make it a perfect dish for Holi. All you have to do is just swap refined flour from honey, add lots of nuts and cook it in low-fat milk and you are all set to get the goodness of heart-healthy nutrients.
  • Tikki chole: Tikki chole is the perfect luscious snack that will help in keeping you feel fuller while enhancing your energy levels. To twist it healthily, make your Tikki with vegetables like carrot, beetroot, and paneer. Change your cooking technique from deep fry to stir fry or baked and your health-friendly snack is ready!

This Holi, ditch those fried and sugary foods from these amazing and super healthy food items and make way for good health. Don’t forget to share this article with your health-conscious friends and family members and let them know about the variety of dishes they can try during the festive air.

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