6 ways be Healthy and Eat well to stop Tuberculosis

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6 ways be Healthy and Eat well to stop Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that usually attacks the lungs. Tuberculosis can easily spread to various parts of the body if left untreated and with around half a million population acceding to this disease, it becomes extremely important to create awareness about this dangerous lung disease. In many cases, tuberculosis does not show any symptoms in the early stage and is often recognised by cough (sometimes blood-tinged), weight loss, night sweats and fever. In order to stop or treat the condition fully, consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet is as important as following the medicine regime rightly. Putting the right foods on the plate not only builds your immunity but also gives you strength which will definitely decrease the risk of such hazardous health ailments. Here we bring you 6 ways to ensure you eat well in order to avoid tuberculosis.

  • Add immune friendly foods: If you have low immunity, you can easily be hit by infectious bacteria. A sturdy immune system not only safeguards you from the attack of harmful viruses but also helps in enhancing your energy levels. Hence it is extremely vital to include antioxidants and Vitamin C rich foods in your diet to strengthen your immune system. Add fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, citrus rich foods to your diet in order to gain maximum benefits.
  • Keep an eye on protein intake: Protein helps in building blocks and helps to repair the damaged cells and it is extremely important to consume the right quantities of protein in a day. Good quality protein helps to boost immunity while preparing your body to fight against tuberculosis. Add at least 2-3 portions of protein in your diet and include dairy products, lean meat, pulses and beans to get high and good quantities of protein.
  • Check your fibre intake: Consuming fibre-rich foods help in keeping your gut healthy while enriching you with the energy which is quite important to fight tuberculosis. Whole grain, cereals, pulses and germinated legumes all offer great quantities of fibre and it is extremely vital to add these to your diet.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol: Consumption of alcohol not only fills you up with toxicity but also weakens your body while cutting back your energy levels. Make sure that you completely cut back on the consumption of alcohol and smoking in order to avoid any complications or side effects.
  • Choose your fats wisely: Fat is a vital micronutrient that helps in the effective functioning of the body. Fats help in energising your body, protect the organs from damage, grease your joints and help your body absorb various essential nutrients. Instead of completely cutting fats from your diet, pick up the good fats. Choose nuts and seeds, fatty fishes, avocados and switch to almond oil, olive oil or sunflower oil to get the great quantities of good fats.
  • Do add rainbow to your diet: It is no doubt that fruits and veggies offer plenty of vitamins and minerals for the smooth functioning of the body and therefore health enthusiasts focus on adding rainbow to your diet. Filling up your plates with the varieties of fruits and veggies provides you with the essential nutrients which ultimately decrease the risk of tuberculosis or other life-threatening diseases.

Abide by the above-written ways and boost your health right in order to stop tuberculosis. Make sure to add some workout, meditation, proper sleep in your lifestyle to get a healthy you to decrease the risk of developing such health illnesses.

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