Does Lemon Zest Add Anything More Than a Flavor in Your Dish?

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Does Lemon Zest Add Anything More Than a Flavor in Your Dish?

Zest is an eatable ingredient that is prepared from scraping the outer colored part of unwaxed citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, citron and lime with vegetable grater. Nowadays, zest is widely used in various dishes to relish their flavor for longer. The aroma of zest is long-lasting as compared to the citrus juice. The zest (citrus peel) may be used as fresh, dried or pickled in salt. Zest can be used in the following ways.

Zest contains floral and tangy tones as well as mild bitterness. Zest reflects its presence both texturally and visually. The most flowery aromas are spread by the zest of tangerines or blood oranges. Zest is preferable over juices, especially in cakes and pastries, as it maintains the solid-liquid ratio of batter of that dish.

Nutritional Benefits
Per hundred grams of zest includes some essential micronutrients in low amount which are vitamin C that are needed for the growth, repair of tissues, immune system and absorption of iron and dietary fibers for better digestion.

Tip– Zest should be added to recipes, in the last few minutes of cooking. By this, the bitterness of zest would not hinder the natural taste of the dish.

Zest for flavor
Flavoring with zest requires proper heating and cooking to get the most of the flavors in the dishes like in vinaigrettes, salads, baked foods like pastries and cakes, sweets, confectioneries and to give tangy flavor to grilled or roasted foods like meat. Lime zest is popularly used for flavoring in Vietnamese, Mexican and Thailand dishes and now, the use of zest is scattering globally.

Zest for seasoning
Seasoning means to enhance the natural taste of that particular food ingredient. Zest is commonly used for seasoning for seafood like fish. Adding zest to salt is also a great way to season the rest of dishes like marmalades, chocolates and sorbets with a tangy touch.

Zest for garnishing
To make preparations eye-catching, sprinkle zest over their top of that dish. It is the best way to attract people towards healthy selections. Mulled wine is usually taken with garnished zest. Zest is used as twist in cocktail garnish.

Over to you
Zest from citrus fruits is a great flavoring agent to relish over. The taste and aroma by zest would sustain for long so, start inculcating zest in your recipes and get the piquancy and nourishment of it.

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