Celebrate Mother’s Day the Healthy Way

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Celebrate Mother’s Day the Healthy Way

A person we would be hopeless without, and yet the same person who teaches us how to be independent, none other than our mother. She is the one who makes us tea when we are sick and she is also the one who secretly packs your bag with an apple. Her unconditional love cannot be compared to anything else which is why the urge to do something on mother’s day is too much. But let’s ditch cards for something unique and different on this mother’s day.

  • Meal time: – Consider honoring mom with a nutritious and delicious meal. Mother’s Day should be easy on the chef, who should not be mom. Allow your siblings or father to assist; it might be enjoyable for them to do it without her. Look for dishes that are both healthy and simple to make for you. Also, prepare as many foods as possible ahead of time. This will make the supper more enjoyable and relaxed for you and your beautiful lady. Decorate the table with flower’s fragrance and handcrafted crafts. Be careful with the china you use, you might ruin her day if you break a plate. Don’t forget to clean the kitchen after you’re done, it will make her happy.
  • Entertainment for her: – Prepare a dance with your siblings and father for her to make her feel special. Persuade her to join and dance off the stage like you’ve never danced before. Don’t forget to play her favorite retro songs, it will keep her moving till the end. Volume up and declare your love for her to everyone.
  • Startle her: – Surprise her by taking her to her favorite dhaba. Talk to her on the way to keep her distracted and play games with her. In the end, serve her go-to-meal and make the most of your day. Keep an eye on her portion sizes.
  • Creative time: – Turn your home into a spa for some time and give her a gentle massage while playing relaxing music. Give her a manicure and pedicure to make her look astonishing.
  • Quality time with her: – Go on a picnic with her and take home prepared meals along with you. Enjoy the day with her by having a deep intellectual talk and dig her past for fun by asking how she met your father. Warning: – Story might take a while.

Make your efforts filled with affection and love. Show her that she holds a special place in your heart by doing things she would not expect.

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