How Eating Irregular Meals Affect Your Health?

By      30-Apr 2022       Reading Time: 4 Mins

How Eating Irregular Meals Affect Your Health?

Not just eating, doing anything irregularly will make your progress line on graph go down. Everyone joins gym on New Year, but eventually the visits go from 6 days a week to none and, hence the results. Humans have a tendency to do things irregularly even though they know things won’t work out that way. Such is the case with eating irregular meals where time is off the chart. Eating irregular meals can have detrimental effects on our body, let’s find out, shall we?

No matter if you eat healthy, if you are having your meals haphazardly, body will get upset pretty quickly. Let’s have a look how we deteriorate our body;

  • Lethargy:- Our brain gets energy from glucose, and when you skip a meal, our brain gets less oxygen due to which we feel sluggish and tired. This can result in you procrastinating on some of your important tasks which could affect your life, worst case scenario: you can get fired for not keeping up.
  • Metabolism:- Having optimum metabolism helps burn those excess calories. However, when you skip or postpone a meal, you create chaos in your metabolism by changing its natural way of obtaining energy thus forcing your body to switch to survival mode or slowing it down which could further lead to weight gain or make it difficult to lose weight.
  • Diabetes:- Your body gets surprised by too much carbohydrates and no carbohydrates at all. When you skip a meal, your blood sugar levels drop, which makes you overeat at the next meal, thus making your blood sugar levels rise. With these fluctuations, there is a high chance of developing diabetes.
  • Overeating:- People have had this ideology of skipping meals in order to lose weight for a long time, which is quite misleading. When you postpone or skip your meal, you start craving for more food, especially junk food, eventually you end up eating a lot at the next meal. Those excess calories you eat get stored as fat.
  • Muscle mass:- You must have heard health professionals asking their patients to increase muscle mass or lean muscle. If you are having a hard time increasing it, you certainly don’t want to lose it. When we skip a meal, our body derives energy from other sources like lean muscle which in turn result in loss of muscle mass that is vital for our body.

Eating irregularly won’t do any good to you, but eating on regular intervals might. Eat between meals, pack your lunch with healthy snacks, but don’t starve!

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