Men’s Health – 5 Effective Guidelines for Reproductive Health

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Men’s Health – 5 Effective Guidelines for Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is essential for your welfare but still, it is often overlooked and avoided. Our parents find it difficult and awkward to hold a conversation around this topic. Reproduction is an intimate and private issue. People don’t openly talk about this subject because of the taboo attached to it. Male reproductive health is often ignored and not paid attention to as compared to female reproductive health.

Maintaining a healthy reproductive is a necessity. Men don’t actively engage in this conversation with anyone around them which leaves them rather confused and hazy. Education and counseling regarding reproductive health needs are important to ensure their overall well-being. This also equips them with a better understanding of their reproductive organs, health care, and requirements.

Acknowledging the sensitivity and severity of this particular topic, we are here to provide the most basic and necessary guidelines regarding male reproductive health.

Here are five effective guidelines for male reproductive health:

  • Get yourself screened: There is no harm in ensuring that your body is in perfect shape. Sometimes the problem appears too late while the damage has already been done. To avoid any risk or complication, get yourself screened. Run down to a hospital and ask them to carry out the necessary exams. General health screening, STD screening, and testicular cancer screening. Consult a urologist from time to time to make sure that your reproductive health is intact.
  • Use condoms: One important aspect of reproductive health is the usage of condoms. This makes you a responsible partner who is awareand conscious of his responsibilities. Using condoms can avoid unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis.
  • Beat infertility: This problem arises due to the low production of sperms or blockages that disrupt the delivery of sperms. Drugs, alcohol, smoking and psychological defects can also cause male infertility. To prevent infertility and to produce healthy and mobile sperms, there are some things you can practice. Avoid smoking and drinking. Do not indulge in the consumption of drugs. Keep testicles away from the heat and watch your weight.
  • Practice hygiene: Wash your genitals regularly with clean water. Any dirt or contaminants present around the genitalia can turn into serious and long-term infections. Wear clean underwear and make sure you change it from time to time.
  • Adapt to a healthy lifestyle: A healthy functioning body is an ultimate reward. It ensures your optimal performance in every aspect of life. To improve your reproductive health, a healthy lifestyle comes handy. Eating a proper diet and getting a good sleep every day can maintain your reproductive health. Drinking water also flushes toxins present in your body in the form of urine.


Most of the time we shy away from conversing about reproductive health. As responsible adults and educators, talk to your young ones from the very beginning. Encourage men who are trying to engage in this discussion rather than shutting them away. Build a safe and accepting environment for these discussions. Make them feel heard and valued.

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  1. I would also request you to focus on day to day food indegrient that can lead to better reproductive health for men.
    Most of the time men blame females for fertility, but instead of checking their side.

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