Say It Loud – Positive Words Can Make a Difference

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Say It Loud – Positive Words Can Make a Difference

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller, Author 

Positivity helps us build momentum to move things forward.

When we frame our language with positive, ‘can do’ words, we find that we build a momentum to move things forward in all aspects of our lives.  With positivity, we can successfully convey even the most difficult messages helpfully and with encouragement. We improve our perspective on our experiences by talking positively externally to others, and by also choosing affirming words when we talk to ourselves.

When it comes to our language, positive speaking is described as something that is “characterised by the presence rather than the absence of something”.  Hearing or using positive language has been shown to affect how we feel emotionally, physically and mentally. Conversely, our energy is drained by negative language.  The type often used in complaining and gossiping. Remember how you feel when you get positive feedback on a piece of work, or someone compliments you on your appearance? And then compare how you feel when someone has been negative about your performance or spoken unkindly to you?

Say it out Loud

These are the intense times when we need to support and appreciate every little act of each other to sail through this time together. Just acknowledge those kind acts of someone, pass on a smile to a stranger or just simply offer a glass of water to the delivery man who comes to your place.

Focus on what you can control

If you think of things which you can’t control, you will only feel fear and depression which can make you feel powerless. Additionally, your anxious brain and depression can conspire against you to highlight how your life is worse and limited. While you cannot control your feelings, your thoughts, or the actions of others, you are not powerless. Shifting your attention toward those aspects of life that you can control can help restore your sense of faith and self-confidence.

Things in your control can be as simple as your daily and nightly routine, what you eat, and what you wear each day. They can also be as profound as how you speak to yourself, how you’ll pursue your beliefs and goals, and how you’ll respond under pressure. Whether they be big or small, mundane or extraordinary, challenge yourself to make a list of all the things within your control. I bet you’ll surprise yourself with how much will be on that list.

Surrounding yourself with uplifting media, people, activities, and thoughts can help build a more optimistic and joyful mindset, even in the face of stress and loss. For many, this can be difficult, and you should not expect to magically change your thoughts and feelings. But, the more you see, think, and do that reflects peace, happiness, and positivity, the more it can influence your mood and outlook.

Over to you

Change is the only constant – this has been there from the way our lives have been for the past few months. Nevertheless, we can always prepare ourselves to deal with any unexpected realities by having a positive mindset. Don’t be disheartened or lose hope, just hang in there and maybe go a little slow and stay hopeful that better days are ahead of us. Remember, tough times don’t last, tough people do!

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