6 Effective Breast Feeding Positions

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6 Effective Breast Feeding Positions

There is no particular way in which you have to feed your baby. There are different paths you can breastfeed a baby that is comfortable for you and your child. When it’s your first baby you may want to experience different positions for breastfeeding before getting comfortable with one.

Here are 6 effective Breastfeeding positions to experience

  • Reclined Position – Often mother tries with laying back or reclining position on first breastfeeding. This position helps the baby to latch well and also the mother is in a comfortable position. Sit in a reclining position with some pillow support below and bring the baby’s head near the chest. This potion is better than lying flat on the back.
  • Cradle Hold – This is the classic and most adopted breastfeeding potion. In this position, the mother sits upright, with the child lying on the side having her neck and head laying along her forearm and the body lying on her stomach. A pillow on your lap propping up your Baby and your arms give support to both of you.
  • Cross Cradle Hold – This hold is similar to Cradle Hold only arms switch the role so your baby’s body lies along the opposite forearm. This supports your baby around the neck and shoulder and is a great position for a baby finding difficulty with latching. As the baby is supported with the opposite arms, other hands can be used in shaping the breast so that baby can latch easily.
  • FootBall Hold – In this position Baby rests on your forearm. This position is good for one recovering from a c-section, having twins, or having large breasts. In this position, you need to hold the baby beside you with your elbow bent. Support baby’s head with his baby’s head towards your breast. If you have had twins you can breastfeed them at the same time with a football holding positions on both sides.
  • Side-Lying hold Position – This position is good when you want to rest, relax and put the baby to sleep. Lie on the side and lie your baby-making face towards your chest. Place one hand on the baby to support and with the other hand grasp your breast towards the baby until your nipple doesn’t touch the baby’s lips. Once the baby is comfortable latching you can rest your hand below your head. This is also a good position if you had a c-section.
  • Upright breastfeeding – In this position both you and baby need to be sitting upright, this is a convenient position for older babies. This position is helpful for babies with reflux, low muscle tone, or tongue tie.

Over To You
Whichever breastfeeding position you choose, always remember both you and the baby should be comfortable and relaxed. Ensure baby is lactating correctly and is supported well.

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