How COVID-19 Can Affect the Reproductive Health of a Woman

By      21-May 2020       Reading Time: 6 Mins

How COVID-19 Can Affect the Reproductive Health of a Woman


Pandemic coronavirus has affected our lives like no other! Not only it strained the mental and physical health of the public but it also transformed the way of living as well. Based on gender, COVID-19 has differently affected different people. Other than the basic and primary effects like a weak body, decline in overall health, headaches, and many more, this virus has secondary effects as well that includes the disturbances in the reproductive health of women.  

Various researches suggest that the pandemic has a variety of several serious consequences on the reproductive health of women that can put their health and overall well-being at higher risk.

Many researchers said that the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the imbalance in the health care resources and the routine health services that can jeopardize women’s reproductive health. The complete shift decreases the sexual and reproductive health services of young women and many girls. Not only this, but the virus has also put the health of pregnant women, new mothers, and new-born child and health services at stake.

Health services and imperils rights of abortion

Due to the challenges in accessing various services like hospital beds, medical resources and various other facilities- contraception, safe abortion and HIV medications are threatened which put the reproductive health of many women at high risk. The government of various states has almost banned the unnecessary abortions- on the origin that they do not see it as crucial or medically necessary during this pandemic. As per the resources, “they supposedly made this decision to preserve hospital beds and other medical resources and facilities that are necessary during the pandemic. “

The government officials of various states said “banning of all nonessential abortions, including those done by ingesting a pill, which accounts for a third of all abortions is extremely important during this time to save and preserve the hospital beds and various other medical equipment for all those who are in need due to the coronavirus crisis. Medical abortions are not essential health care and are also not surgical procedures that require the use of medical facilities, resources, or protective equipment.”

Not getting access to proper medical facilities on time can not only diminish the chances of better reproductive health of the women but can also worsen the medical condition. Patients with the need for abortion have fetuses that have multiple abnormalities and if they won’t get the proper care as quickly as possible then their health can get worse and even lead to various other complications as well.

Other issues

Apart from the abortions, the current crisis is affecting other aspects of sexual and reproductive health by only providing limited services of birth control contraception and as a result, it increases the rates of adolescent pregnancies, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), and sexually transmitted diseases.

The pandemic is not only affecting the women who want adoption but it is also distressing the women who want to conceive and seek prenatal care during pregnancy. A survey has been conducted recently which says, “Due to the pandemic coronavirus, many women altered their reproductive plans. Furthermore:

  • Due to the crisis of coronavirus, a lot of women are extremely worried about fertility and family planning. 
  • Prenatal care is the major concern for half of the women. Every second woman said that their doctors and fertility clinic has stopped treatments due to which they are delaying their pregnancy.


Pandemic coronavirus has not only affected the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of people but it has also reduced the access of crucial healthcare and essential services that diminish the chances of receiving necessary care and attention required medically for the sexual and reproductive health of the women.

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