Top 5 Phobias Related to Food & Cooking

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Top 5 Phobias Related to Food & Cooking

What images come to your mind as soon as you hear the word ‘’phobias”? We are pretty much sure that the terror of heights, spiders and insects will touch your thoughts! Isn’t it?? But let us tell you that the word phobia has widened its roots in food and cooking and a lot of people who have food-related phobias experience anxiety, panic attacks, sweating and nausea. A lot of people are haunted by food and cooking which can give them unpleasant symptoms while racing their heartbeats. So, let us make it simple for you, food phobias are for real and here is a list of the top 5 phobias that are graced with a definite name and are quite peculiar.

  • Lachanophobia – Fear of vegetables
  • If you shake by just seeing vegetables and feel terrifying to consume them, you have lachanophobia which is known as the fear of consuming vegetables. One of the very common reasons for this type of phobia could be that you are afraid of eating a bug inside these veggies or gulp down the seeds that might make you choke.

  • Brumotactillophobia – Fear of food touching
  • If you are one of those people who hate to see food touching their plate then you could have brumotactillophobia! A mild OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) is associated with this type of phobia. You like to enjoy all the flavours on your plate separately in this phobia and well, you believe that plate looks cleaner if you consume or put one flavour at a time.

  • Mageirocophobia- Fear of cooking
  • Many of us keep the numbers of our favourite food delivery shop on speed dial because of the lack of time to cook but some people avoid cooking because of fear and anxiety and that is what known as mageirocophobia. There could be various reasons for this as they fear cooking something inedible or hurt themselves while cooking or make people sick with their food.

  • Acerophobia — Fear of sour foods
  • A lot of people feel terrifying to look at lemons and other sour foods. They feel dizziness and nausea after seeing the sour foods and the fear of sour flavours is quite difficult to handle and that is known as Acerophobia.

  • Geumophobia- Fear of taste
  • When it comes to food, the definition of taste is varied and comes in different shapes, colours, and sizes. Geumophobes are not terrified of food and instead, they are scared of flavour. They don’t want to taste different flavours and instead they want to stick to their regular diets.

Most of the phobias are not dangerous and they are just considered as an intense fear of something. So, do you think or know anyone who could have any of these food-related phobias?

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