Five Amazing DIY Health Shots to try at home

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Five Amazing DIY Health Shots to try at home

Healthy and creative foods that one should often try at home always include forms and representations of modern culture. Today we shall talk about Do It Yourself shots that can be made from ingredients available at home. Health shots aren’t magi shots or something that will instantly cure you, but these DIY recipes can be beneficial for your health, irrespective of the number of shots taken. Shots are especially great when you don’t have the time to prepare yourself a meal or a breakfast, but need a quick dose of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants, and act as a multivitamin. Shots were first used in folk medicine, it is an ancient form of health shot, and is effective in treating flu.
here are some of them-
1- Apple Cider Vinegar
The easiest, most available shot present in the market, ACV has been used as a health and wellness tonic forever and is also backed up with research due to its various health benefits. There has been a study that just two tablespoons of ACV liquid could help in lowering the blood sugar of people with diabetes, and also helps lowering triglyceride levels and promotes weight loss.
2- Black Currants
Black Currants are high in levels of antioxidants and vitamin C, they are called the nutritional powerhouse that is great for immunity boosting, and a concentrated form of blackcurrant sweetened can act as a great wellness shot. You can sweeten the shot with tart berries and honey rather than sugar to make it healthier and not consume sugar.
3-Ginger Shots
This is a natural remedy for the cold. Made with green apples, that are low in sugar and ingredients like tangy ginger and turmeric. Two lemons add a burst of citrus flavor that has good amounts of vitamin C. Ginger is known to be beneficial in clearing out airways, and soothing a sore throat, and turmeric is known to fight inflammation.
5- Pineapple- Turmeric Gut Shots
Made with fresh pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, ginger, turmeric, sea salt which together give a sweet, tongue-twisting shot, it is a good source of vitamin B and C and contains acetic acid, known for boosting the absorption of minerals from foods.
6- Spinach, Lemon, Green Apple Shots
This shot is known as the green shot, since it consists of all greens, this recipe can be made with three handfuls of spinach, and adding a quarter of a lemon and one entire green apple, this entire shot can be beneficial and acts as a daily dose of Vitamin, which is known to keep your bones healthy.
Many fresh fruits and vegetables can be used as instant sources of energy and wellness, with one shot.

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