Ministry Of Health Tweeted COVID Flash To Keep The Citizens Updated

By      31-Jan 2022       Reading Time: 3 Mins

Ministry Of Health Tweeted COVID Flash To Keep The Citizens Updated

Ever since the COVID pandemic hit us, news became the primary T.V channel. We all want to stay updated with the latest COVID related news like cases and curbs. Lockdown has been used as a means of controlling this catastrophe therefore it becomes vital for us to know everything set by the government in order to handle the hassle. Visiting the government’s official website is an ideal option for authentic and latest COVID information which is why the ministry of health tweeted COVID flash to keep everyone posted.


National count of COVID cases have dropped in the last few days and active cases have been going down for a few days. The weekly positivity rate increased from less than 1% in the last week of December to just under 17% presently, although it has been stuck between 16 and 17% for a week. For the past two weeks, test counts have remained consistent, with 17-18 lakh samples being examined on average per day. Most states are reporting substantially fewer cases now than they were a week ago, and active cases at the national level are beginning to decline for the first time in a month. There were over 21 lakh active cases in the country as of Thursday. This figure was over 22.5 lakh four days ago, the highest level during the third wave so far. The number of active cases had reached 37 lakh during the second wave.


a. Wearing a mask properly, that is, covering your whole mouth and nose, is imperative wherever you go outside. Studies have shown that masks can decrease the chances of catching covid as much as by 85%.

b. Washing your hands has become as important as breathing nowadays. Wash your hands at least for 20 seconds to eliminate all pathogens.

c. Maintaining a social distance of six feet is good to prevent yourself from new variants.

d. Isolate yourself as soon as you notice any symptoms and have yourself tested.

e. Carry hand sanitizer if you commute and sanitize your hands after you touch something.

f. It’s mandatory to abide by rules the government has set, don’t do things that are forbidden.


It’s your responsibility to stay home and go out only when it’s necessary. Stay home, stay safe!

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