Post COVID-19 Recovery Lung Damage- All You Need to Know

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Post COVID-19 Recovery Lung Damage- All You Need to Know

COVID-19 is a deadly infectious virus that is responsible for a worldwide pandemic. This pandemic is the reason for numerous lockdowns and quarantines. The virus mainly affects the respiratory system of the infected individual thus leading to trouble in breathing, cough, and in severe cases death. Due to being a respiratory infection one of the main organs infected is the lungs.

What happens to the lungs when infected by covid-19?

Corona is a respiratory illness meaning it affects the lungs and the respiratory passage. The lungs consist of air sacs that get filled with fluid thus limiting their capacity to carry oxygen. The most common lung problem faced post-COVID-19 recovery includes lung fibrosis. As there is initial lung damage caused it further leads to scarring of lungs. This condition requires the support of home oxygenation even after discharge and recovery. The extent of fibrosis decides the further complications attached. Pulmonary ThromboEmbolism (PTE) is another pulmonary issue which may affect people post-COVID-19 recovery. The patient may or may not get the said post covid issues, however, it is much likely to develop and cause a hindrance for oxygen transportation.

Post corona events
The methods involved in taking care of these conditions are to administer medications such as Anticoagulant and Antifibrotic drugs. Anticoagulants usually help in preventing the formation or enlargement of blood clots whereas Antifibrotics reduces the risk of acute respiratory degradation.

Notes for patients:

  • stocking up medications and supplies for weeks.
  • avoid visiting crowded places and non-essential travel and by staying at home as much as possible.
  • Avoiding smoking
  • paying attention to immunity levels and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is mandatory.

Over to you:
COVID-19 is a degenerative infectious viral respiratory infection. The virus blocks out respiratory passage and leads to shortness of breath, cough, and even death. The air sacs in the lungs get filled with fluid thus hindering the passage of oxygen. Even the recovery patients face undesirable issues with their lungs such as fibrosis and pulmonary ThromboEmbolism. Such issues make it difficult to breathe and make the patient uncomfortable. There are treatments available for such issues which involve taking anticoagulants and Antifibrotic medications. Recovering patients should avoid smoking, keep a stock of prescribed medicines, isolate themselves from the outside environment as much as possible(prolonged home quarantine), and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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