Detergent Brands Tested Positive for Cancer-Causing Ingredients

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Detergent Brands Tested Positive for Cancer-Causing Ingredients

We have been told that excessive alcohol and smoking can increase the risk of cancer but it is very much possible that the things we use might affect and harm our health to some extent. The various types of cleaners that we use at our home might contain ingredients known as carcinogens. Cleaning products for instance, soaps, cleaners for tables and windows and detergents that we use to clean our clothes contains various chemical like phosphate, chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, fragrance, dyes and one of the most harmful chemical called 1, 4 dioxane which is considered as a carcinogen.
Detergents are also found with another harmful chemical known as Nonylphenol. They not only are harmful to our surroundings but also to our health due to the harmful toxins it releases. 

What is Nonylphenol and why is it harmful?

Nonylphenol has amphiphilic properties which facilitate the mixture of hydrophobic compounds such as oil and grease with water, making cleaning easy. Nonylphenol is known to be extremely toxic to wildlife as well, particularly aquatic organisms and also exposure to high levels of Nonylphenol can also cause irritation to the lungs, digestive system, skin and extreme eye irritation in living beings.

Such chemicals cause health problems, your clothes may look cleaner but there is a possibility of the detergent left behind which then causes irritation, dizziness and skin problems. Not only do these chemicals remain in the clothes but also penetrate in the skin when dry, like when you are sweating, the body absorbs the residue of the detergent. 

 What can be done?

Ban the usage of detergents containing carcinogenic properties and try and make the air quality better around you by omitting them from your list. The three basic rules to protect you and your family are:

  • Review: While buying any detergent, always check the labels on it, check whether it is organic or not, check out the chemicals present in it, and always choose the one that is biodegradable and organic.
  • Remove: Stop using the detergents which release toxins and are non-organic, remove them from your list and opt for a better one.
  • Replace: Replace the harmful detergent with the organic one, to keep yourself and your surroundings healthy. It is found that detergents having compound Sodium lauryl sulphate are biodegradable and so can be considered as one of the option.

Skin problems are common among people and that might be due to the harmful detergents used to wash your clothes. If you ever find yourself going through any problem regarding skin that might include itching, irritation and redness, it is advised to check the label and change the detergent right then and also consult a dermatologist.

Over to You

As detergents might be a big helping hand in cleaning of our clothes but side by side they harm our body quietly. Always check for the labels on the detergent bottle and choose the organic one. You should switch to eco-friendly and non-toxic, biodegradable detergents. This way no carcinogenic compounds can harm you and your clothes will stay in good health, just like you.


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