Here’s How you can Take Care of your Well-being During the Lockdown

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Here’s How you can Take Care of your Well-being During the Lockdown

With no or fewer outings, sitting ideally in the houses, sluggish and lethargic vibes- lockdown is taking a toll on our overall health and well-being like no other. With unnecessary tensions, stress and anxiety, quarantine is affecting our total health, peace and harmony. The same news that is going around all over the internet is making us exhausted and tired. Here are some easy ways by which you can maintain your overall health while staying at home. These easy ways give you optimistic vibes while maintaining your inner peace.

Make yourself happy and healthy in such hard times by sticking to these easy ways.

  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet: There is nothing better than consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet to achieve virtuous health. A diet filled with nutrients helps in maintaining your weight while lowering down the risk of various diseases. You can add fresh and seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet. To enhance its taste, you can make smoothies, salads and sautéed vegetables by adding your favourite herbs and spices over it. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!
  • Build a home-based exercise routine: A regular home workout cannot only help you in maintaining your weight but also fill you up with positivity and great energy levels. 30-45 minutes of a workout session can do wonders to your stress levels while improving your overall health and well-being. Use your stairs and balcony and add in squats, lunges, pilates, yoga and aerobics in your workout.
  • Meditation: There is nothing great than adding a session of meditation in your lifestyle to calm down your mind and to eradicate those negative vibes. A lot of researches said that meditation can easily combat stress levels and lower down the symptoms of depression and anxiety while giving a great boost to memory. You can do breathing exercises, breath counting and positive visualisation for about 30-45 minutes for great mental health.
  • Sound sleep can do wonders: A night of sound sleep can give a great boost to your mental health like nothing else. Sleep deprivation cannot only make a person dull and absent-minded but it also takes a person closer to various health problems like heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. Regular sleep of 8 hours is a pre-requisite for a healthy body and mind.
  • Stay in touch: This hard and challenging time requires proper connection with your loved ones! Sharing your feelings with your closed ones can soothe your mind with calmness and give a relive to your tensions and worries as well. Talking with your loved ones can make you optimistic but always remember to only do ‘the virtual sharing.’
  • Take a break: Listening to the same negative news again and again can definitely make you feel negative. So, to save yourself from such negative vibes you can take a break from social media and involve yourself in some indoor games and activities. Sketching, reading, crafting, gardening, and indoor games can easily boost your mood.


Add these above-written pointers in your lifestyle and make your lockdown healthy. Stay at home and be safe.

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