The Second Wave of COVID-19 and Children: Know the Precautions and Symptoms

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The Second Wave of COVID-19 and Children: Know the Precautions and Symptoms

Children remain unaffected during the first wave of COVID-19 but as per the health experts, the second wave of Covid is affecting a high number of kids and children. As per the reports, “a large number of Covid-19 cases in ages more than 10 years and also between 1-8 years are being reported in the fresh surge — though most are mildly symptomatic.”

Several new strains hold a high frequency to spread faster and to infect children. Also, children hold the risk of getting the virus from their family members as well who go out and are not properly following the safety protocols. According to a health expert “The double mutant variant has immune escape phenomena. It masquerades as our own body system and then escapes our immunity protection. This is why more children are contracting Covid-19.” A lot of children have experienced MISC (Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children) and are showing symptoms of active infection. A large number of MISC cases in children infected with COVID-19 have been observed in the hospitals. Children who are suffering from MISC have symptoms like severe inflammation in various organs of the body (heart, lungs, blood vessels, kidneys, digestive system, brain, skin or eyes).

As per professionals, a large number of children who fall in the age groups of 0-19 are getting the symptoms of COVID-19 and are getting admitted in the hospitals, which is quite shocking and alarming as well.

Keep an active eye on the symptoms

The symptoms of COVID can be diverse due to the variety of mutations. Sore throat, high to low-grade fever, cough and loss of smell and taste are the common symptoms of COVID but in addition to this other symptoms are also noticed in both children and youngsters including gastrointestinal symptoms (mainly diarrhoea), neurological issues etc. A lot of people are also experiencing dry mouth (xerostomia), reddish tongue and ulcers. Children can have symptoms like stuffy or running nose, congestion and loss of appetite.

Always keep a tab on the symptoms of your children and try not to ignore them. Make sure to consult a health expert if your child is suffering from discomfort, headache or unnecessary fatigue. These symptoms are not very common but can be a noticeable sign.

Here are some tips to safeguard children from COVID-19

  • Encourage them to stay at home
  • Teach them the importance of social distancing
  • Keep them away from guests or friends
  • Make sure to use masks while going out
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Disinfect the surfaces
  • Take care of their diet and more of naturally healthy foods in their diet


Take care of your kid’s health and do keep an active eye on their nutrition, hygiene and symptoms. If your child is experiencing any of the above-written symptoms, then consult a medical professional. Follow the above-written safety tips to keep yourself and your kid safe.

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