Prime Minister Narendra Modi Calls All-party Meeting to Discuss the Situation of Pandemic

By      03-Dec 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Calls All-party Meeting to Discuss the Situation of Pandemic

We all are aware that COVID-19 pandemic has become a serious threat to global health. People in a huge number become victim to this virus leading to mass death. Aware of the seriousness of the situation Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has summoned all the parties to discuss the pandemic.
The whole world is under constant threat of corona widespread. Because of this numerous quarantine and lockdown took place. This is leading to a financial crisis in numerous households eventually disturbing the national treasury. This would be one of the main points of discussion in the meeting. Some hope has also been visible in the cure and vaccine of this virus as per the prime minister’s recent trip to some pharmaceutical companies.

When and where?
The meeting is going to be held on 4th December virtually and is going to be attended by all the floor leaders of all the parties on both sides of Parliament. The meeting is being chaired by the prime minister at 10:30 am on Friday. This will be the second all-party meeting since the pandemic and about the pandemic.

The top branch of the government including Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Home Minister Amit Shah, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan are expected to attend the meeting. Parliamentary affairs minister Pralhad Joshi and minister of state Arjun Ram Meghwal will also attend the meeting.

What is the meeting about?
The meeting is supposedly about the discussion of the pandemic and to devise a strategy against it. Apart from the corona discussion, the meeting is strategically organized to coincide with the winter session on the budget. Alongside the national budget, they are also going to discuss the covid-19 budget in the national capital.

Is it also safe to assume that the discussion about the vaccine is going to take place since Modi’s visit to pharmaceutical companies in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Pune. Hence discussion about the development of vaccines is highly probable.

Over to you:
The world is severely affected by the corona pandemic and has taken a toll not only physically but also emotionally and financially. Due to this toll, the meeting is being called and the situation is going to be examined and an attempt to come up with a suitable way of handling the current situation is going to take place. Amidst the corona pandemic, the people are in threat. The government has organized an all-party meeting regarding the pandemic and is supposedly expected to discuss the winter budget and the covid-19 budget from the national capital. Parties from both sides are expected to attend this meeting. A discussion about the development of vaccines is also expected.

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