Adele Unveils her Stunning Weight Loss Transformation

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Adele Unveils her Stunning Weight Loss Transformation

Adele- the famous Hollywood singer has amazed her fans with her weight loss transformation. Adele said that the idea behind her transformation is never linked with losing weight but it is associated with being fitter. She said that she had transformed her physique and lost 100 pounds with the absolute assistance of dietary overhaul and she wanted to do it for her young son. 

Adele told that she takes good care of her workout and further minimizes her intake of calorie for such good and amazing transformation. Her daily workouts include tough and intense exercises but 90% reason behind her makeover is her diet. She said that a good diet is a pre-requisite to shed those extra pounds. The first week is filled with intense workouts, green juices and only 1000 calories, she added.

Her personal trainer said that “When she came for a workout I didn’t know it was her and when she left, I thought: Oh it looks a little bit like Adele. She looks amazing and with a great change in her lifestyle and diet, she achieved what she wanted.”

Adele worked really hard to lose weight and in this journey, she completely gives up the processed food, fizzy drinks and sugar. Adele fans are complimenting her by leaving tons of messages and comments on her Instagram page. While some fans commented: “CONGRATULATIONS on your healthy weight/size!” another told her, “Girl u look great and best wishes for the future.”

As per the sources, she also said: “I worked out. Obviously, I’m a large lady and I like eating food very much, but I was working out twice a day to fit into that givenchy dress because it was quite tight.”

Adele weight loss diet

With each passing day, Adele transformed her eating habits and slowly she looks healthy inside and outside. She said in an interview that she was very fond of sugary drinks and she consumes 10 cups of coffee and tea a day with two packets of sugars in each- that means she was habitual of consuming 20 sugars a day. She said that the very first thing I did is- cutting down the sugar from my diet. What else? She swapped gulping a jar of beer with a healthy plant-based diet.

She completely changed her diet and incorporates greens like kale, turmeric, green tea, and buckwheat in her diet. She believes that these foods are not only packed with endless antioxidants, Vitamins, dietary fibre, and minerals but also helps in boosting the metabolism which helps in cutting down the heaps of fat. Eating a clean and healthy diet that includes fruit and vegetables with a mixture of complex carbohydrates is what I needed to lose weight healthily.

How to lose weight healthily

  • Stick to healthy diets rather than following fad diets
  • Be habitual of consuming 2-3 litres of water every day
  • Sleep at least 6-7 hours on a regular basis
  • Get your body moving no matter where you are
  • Keep a track of your performance


Adele transformation is a shock for many but weight loss has nothing to do with the healthiness. Don’t rely on fad diets to lose weight and instead follow a healthy regime and pointers written above and it will add up to your physical and mental health.  

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