PTSD Amid Coronavirus Outbreak- How Pandemic can Trigger It

By      31-Oct 2020       Reading Time: 5 Mins

PTSD Amid Coronavirus Outbreak- How Pandemic can Trigger It

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), victims’ initial symptoms include numbness, tiredness, and feeling off for a prolonged period. 



There are people all around the world who have gone through some sort of violence which leads to future anxiety as well as insecurity leading to PTSD, domestic violence is the most probable reason for causing PTSD. The main problem starts when these people who have already figured out and started the execution of countermeasures to deal with their PTSD are forced to cease their practices and are forced to quarantine due to the pandemic. This leads to a reverse effect, bringing their anxiety and insecurity back because they no longer possess the means to deal with their mental health. They cannot go out to interact with their friends and simultaneously are scared to step out in the public due to their PTSD. 


The situation doesn’t end here, many people who are not diagnosed with PTSD are also absorbing trauma from the current pandemic. Working from home 24/7 or doctors working in the ICU for prolonged hours are at the risk of triggering PTSD with or without experiencing trauma. No matter where we work, we are all going through the same pandemic and hence we all are equally susceptible to long term mental health issues like trauma and PTSD. 



PTSD is a delicate matter and also a variable one, not everyone experiences the same symptoms it varies from person to person and the type of trauma they had been through, however, there are some coming ground symptoms we can look out for to identify if we are triggered, these include; nightmares, anxiety attack, insomnia flashbacks of past trauma, super attentiveness and constant negative thoughts. Though they may seem some common symptoms in a group they could be indicating a possible trigger and hence are worth looking out for, in case of any doubt we should contact the corresponding help and start the treatment as soon as possible. 


Keeping a calm mental state is a priority in this pandemic, because not only will it help in handling the situation but will also keep your vigilance intact, making you as protected as you can be from the virus without compromising on your daily lifestyle. Hospital workers are prone to such trauma and simultaneously the virus hence keeping a calm and cool mindset is of prime importance. 



Diagnosed PTSD people are prone to triggers and are forced to cease their therapy leading to anxiety and insecurity increasing the chances of another trauma due to the current pandemic. People without any prior history of trauma are also susceptible to trauma irrespective of their workplace because eventually everyone is going through the same pandemic. It is important to know keeping a cool and calm head is important to not only handle the situation but also keep your vigilance intact to protect yourself from the virus and any trigger. Under any circumstances, it is recommended to contact proper help if you begin to notice a few symptoms which may cause trauma or trigger PTSD. 



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