World Epilepsy Day

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World Epilepsy Day

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder wherein a person’s brain activity becomes abnormal which makes a person behave in an unusual way due to seizures. During a seizure some people tend to stare blankly for a few seconds, while others repeatedly twitch their arms or legs. To be diagnosed with an epilepsy condition at least two unprovoked seizures are generally required instead of a single one. Half of the medical condition for the cause of this problem is unidentifiable and half of the conditions are because of genetic influence, brain conditions, or head trauma.
World epilepsy day is marked every year on the second Monday of February. 10th February 2020 is observed as world epilepsy day this year.


Epilepsy Day  Awareness

The day seeks to raise awareness among the general public on the facts about epilepsy and the need for improved treatment, better care and improved research. This day was initiated in the year 2015 and was launched by the International Bureau of Epilepsy(IBE) and International League against epilepsy(ILAE).ILAE was founded in 1909 and is a prominent association of physicians and other health professionals working toward the aim of a world where no person’s life is limited to epilepsy.IBE was founded in 1961 and they work towards achieving the vision where ignorance and fear about epilepsy are replaced with care and understanding. This day provides a stage for people with epilepsy no matter where they are and with what psychology they are dealing with, people can share their piece of life that is full of experiences and stories that are regarded as inevitable parts of their lives with the global audience.


Epilepsy Day Theme 2020

The theme for the day is “Epilepsy is more than seizure”.The theme points out the way forward to discard all that fear and misunderstanding that is making people so reluctant to not talk about the persistence of epilepsy and help them to break the dark mirror of discrimination created in social communities and workplaces and also of living a life in shadows from this age-old known medical condition. Lack of understanding about the risk that an individual will face and of funding towards the new treatments and therapies of research must be considered while focusing towards solutions to overcome from this plague in the minds of people as people are more prone from  SUDEP (that is the sudden unexpected death from epilepsy, most common cause of epilepsy) each year one in thousand.


A Way Forward To Show Support

You can become a volunteer and raise awareness about this spreading disease in the mindset of the people through education about the facts and knowledge of what the condition of epilepsy is and also preventive care to be taken upon. The way one can be involved and show support in the mission to help people overcome living the lives with epilepsy is by making a humble donation that will make a huge difference in people’s lives and also by finding ways and cures to stop seizures and save their lives and bring them out from this serious condition.


The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

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