This Earth Day Adopt These 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas to Save Environment

By      22-Apr 2020       Reading Time: 7 Mins

This Earth Day Adopt These 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas to Save Environment

The earth belongs to everyone. It is what we call home and reach out for. The earth provides us with almost everything that we need for our survival. Our mother earth sustains life on it. Be in on the ground, sky or underwater, life on earth is a reward. But we are callously using this reward. We have exploited and ruined it for our selfish needs. It is true that human needs can never be satisfied but how ruthless and reckless are we towards the environment. We are the ones who have caused the Amazon fires. We are the ones to be blamed for the current water crisis. When do we stop? When do we acknowledge the importance of the environment that we are taking for granted? How long can the earth sustain life at all?
Each one of us has been careless when it comes to the environment. It either involves wasting water, depleting natural resources, cutting down trees, wasting electricity or simply using plastic. Even though the environment has always provided for us and nourished us in all ways, humans haven’t been grateful enough. Human beings have continued to find more and more ways to exploit the environment for their own needs. We have established nuclear weapons, chemicals, and industries rather than finding ways to save our earth. According to a report, 21 cities in India will run out of groundwater in 2020 and we still don’t practice saving water or rainwater harvesting. More than 600 million in India are facing water stress but we still won’t fix that one leaking tap.

Considering the deteriorating condition of the earth, we need to take immediate steps and bring a change in our lifestyle to save the earth from crumbling down. This earth day, pledge to practice these few steps because it is necessary now, more than ever.

  • A big no to plastic: Plastic is the leading cause in ruining the condition of the environment. It cannot be decomposed and remains on the earth for ages. Tons and tons of plastic are accumulated which is now turning into a health hazard. Refrain from asking for plastic bags when you go grocery shopping. Don’t buy water packed in plastic bottles. Ask the waiter to serve your drink without a straw. Avoid anything that comes in plastic packaging.
  • Avoid taking showers: Saving water is the need of the hour. Water cannot be replenished and we have to be extra cautious with its usage. Don’t spend hours in the shower instead use a bucket to take a bath. Don’t fill your glasses up to the brim because chances are you might not be able to finish it. Practice and encourage rainwater harvesting.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: As children, we were always taught the 3Rs in school and how important they are. The environment is facing a crisis and we have to start living by these 3Rs that we were taught. Reduce the amount of trash you produce, reuse the items before you throw them away and recycle is using the trash in new ways so that it can be used again.
  • Dig your own compost: Compost bins are extremely effective and serve so many purposes. It replenishes the nutrients in the soil, reduces your trash production and saves landfill space. Take up the initiative of digging a compost near your house to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Plant for a better tomorrow: Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to save the environment. We are cutting down trees at an unstoppable rate and it is going to cause a long- term damage. We have lost our trees in several forest fires. Trees provide for us in innumerable ways and it’s necessary that we plant more trees. If everyone plants one tree every month, we can restore our environment and save the earth from collapsing.


The earth is facing a crisis that `hasn’t happened in ages. Our needs are growing by the day and we cannot make the environment pay for it. It is time for us to save the earth from declining before everything goes out of our hands. We need to be cautious, aware and sensitive towards the environment. It’s better to be late than never.

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