Private Hospitals Begin the Treatment and Admission of COVID-19 Patients

By      27-Mar 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Private Hospitals Begin the Treatment and Admission of COVID-19 Patients

With the increase in the cases of COVID-19, the government said that all private hospitals stay active for the treatment and admission of the patients suffering from COVID-19.

The government has advanced its shield and directed the private hospitals to start the admissions so that the public won’t have to suffer from any further damage and harm during this pandemic. So far, the private healthcare establishments were only involved in the collection of throat swab samples for the people who were suspects of coronavirus and instruct them to take home quarantine till the time test results won’t out.

On 23rd March, the government had asked private hospitals to accelerate their devices and equipment that are required for the treatment of COVID-19 and maintain some separate isolation wards for the patients. As the permission from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) hasn’t received yet, still hospitals have begun admissions of the COVID-19 patients.

“There is a lot of confusion as right now the approvals are taking a lot of time,” said a medical superintendent of a private hospital. “We take a swab and a form is filled. This is sent to a government hospital, which gives a go-ahead to collect the sample. Then we collect. All this takes six hours to four days. We cannot do this tedious process if numbers increase.”

All major private hospitals started a process which they are going to follow and admissions from yesterday. They have created isolation wards which are manageable from a separate entrance. Not only this, but they have also settled liberated air ducts so that the infection won’t spread to other patients in the hospitals. The Isolation beds maintain a proper distance of 1 metre and they are filled with proper equipment, oxygen supply and ventilators. All the hospitals have devoted and enthusiastic manpower.

As per the hospital “The bigger challenge is the availability of personal protective equipment (PPEs) such as face masks and gowns.” They said “We have stocks but we do not have any estimate how long would these last. This is why we are advising our staff to use them sensibly.”

A senior doctor at a private hospital in Delhi said, “The government has assured us a supply chain but we do not know-how. We are now looking at quick fixes for PPEs. We have procured non-porous sheets and have asked the tailors to make make-shift gowns and protective gears.”


Though it is hard to supply all the necessary things to the private hospitals, the private chains are trying to manage the situation and stop panicking about the same. With this attitude, we hope that this situation will easily be tackled.

Stay indoors during this period and protect yourself and your loved ones from coronavirus.

Stay indoors, Stay safe!


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