How Second Wave of Covid Impacting Mental Health and What To Do

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How Second Wave of Covid Impacting Mental Health and What To Do

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely altered our way of living and is affecting mental health by increasing stress and anxiety. The rising cases in the second wave of coronavirus have generated a huge terror in the minds of the people which is taking a toll on the mental state of a lot of people and therefore people including youth become prone to mental health issues such as breakdown, depression, and anxiety.

As per the experts, “people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 are likely to be more prone to mental health problems. According to the reports, 20% of people diagnosed with the virus have gone through depression, dementia, and/or anxiety within 3 months of diagnosis.” In addition to the pandemic, the current political and racial tensions are leading to a ‘perfect storm’ in which many people are feeling threatened and/or traumatized, as per a health expert.

The pandemic is putting strain on the mental health of different age groups. Stress levels are running high in people over the age of 75 as they have to cut themselves from the outer world due to the safety protocols. Similarly, the millennials are under high stress due to the economic downturn and uncertain future which is hampering their mental health, creating depression and more issues. Moreover, constant quarantine and isolation generate social skill degradation and further leads to a mind that is isolated with negative thoughts. On average 6% of adults suffer psychiatric disorders due to the covid-19, the number far greater than the patients without covid-19, which is 3.4%. Due to this reason, the researchers are constantly trying to find a link between how this mind starts to create hindrance in brain function.

The practising of safety measures due to the global pandemic not only altered our lifestyle and regime but also created some unintentional stress and distress. Anxiety-related to illness, extreme sadness, isolation, domestic violence and financial stress are the most common examples of strain giving situations that come with this pandemic. The disruption of this pandemic is extensive. From education, relationships to employment and normalcy- everything is completely altered. With the upsurge in the covid cases in the second wave, the feelings of helplessness, anxiety and fear are hitting people of all age groups. Today, millions of people are suffering from severe mental health consequences on a global level.

A comprehensive strategy and rethinking the regular lifestyle can reduce the risk of various mental health complications while saving you and your loved ones. Here are some easy and effective ways from where you can start off:

  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet
  • Build a home-based exercise routine
  • Meditation
  • Sound sleep can do wonders
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones
  • Take a break from negative news


As per the health experts, the quarantine/isolation and the negativity going around can lead to severe psychological distress among the people. If not effectively recognized and treated and continued for a longer period of time, such stress can transform into more persistent illnesses, even leading to suicidal thoughts and feelings. Psychological difficulties have been known to be associated with reduced competency at work and the stress faced at work can worsen mental distress. Follow the above-written tips and if you are experiencing stress for a long period of time, then try consulting a health expert.

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