Suffering from Migraine? Use your Diet as your Migraine Therapy

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Suffering from Migraine? Use your Diet as your Migraine Therapy

Migraine is a neurological condition and is often recognised by strong, debilitating headaches. There are various distressing symptoms of this condition including nausea, vomiting, difficulty in speaking, numbness or tingling, and sensitivity to both light and sound. As per various studies, over 30% of adults suffer from migraine on an annual basis. Changing your diet can assist in easing out the symptoms of migraine while helping in speedy recovery. Cutting out the processed and packaged food items from your diet can assist in decreasing the frequency of migraines while escalating the recovery process. Here’s how you can modify your diet to treat the migraine.

  • Add in more vegetables: Since migraine brings up distressing and inflammatory symptoms, an anti-inflammatory diet can help in easing out the condition while treating the migraine with time. Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in folate that can decrease the symptoms of migraine while easing out the inflammation. Do include orange, yellow, and green vegetables, such as summer squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach in your diet to tackle the pain.
  • Do incorporate whole grains: Whole grains and cereals offer a high dosage of good carbs that assist in depleting glycogen stores that lead to fluid losses and further trigger dehydration related headaches. Good carbs also assist in boosting feel-good endorphins in the body, serotonin, and further help in boosting mood. You can add brown rice to your diet for effective results.
  • Fruits are a must: Loading up fruits that are rich in water can also assist in relieving pain while easing out the other distressing symptoms of migraine. Fruits like berries, cucumber, melon, soups, tomatoes and watermelon can provide you effective results.
  • Hydrate and hydrate: Dehydration is one of the major factors of headaches. Proper consumption of fluids helps in flushing out the toxins from the body while easing out the symptoms of the migraine. It further helps in relaxing the blood vessels while decreasing the headaches. Do include normal water and fruits and vegetables that are high in water content in your diet for instant and effective results.
  • Low-fat dairy products: Low-fat dairy products and foods that are high in calcium also assist in decreasing headaches and other migraine-related symptoms. Do add yoghurt, low-fat milk and try to avoid gluten-rich foods to ease out the symptoms of migraine.


Various factors like stress, consumption of alcohol, change in the habits of sleeping and consumption of caffeine can trigger the symptoms of migraine. Make sure to avoid these food items and do abide by the above written dietary tips in order to treat the distressing symptoms of migraine.

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