Post COVID-19 Extreme Hairfall- How to Fix

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Post COVID-19 Extreme Hairfall- How to Fix

COVID-19 is a deadly virus which has caused a worldwide pandemic and is responsible for numerous lockdown and quarantines, the symptoms of the virus have fatal effects, such as death. However, one such symptom which was unexpected from the virus is Hairfall. Hairfall may not be the most common post-corona symptom but it is in noticeable numbers. So today we are going to talk about some remedies which may help counter post corona Hairfall.

Why does Hairfall occur post corona?

According to the research, a condition called telogen effluvium is responsible for post-corona Hairfall. Another important factor which may cause such Hairfall is stress and trauma, it may not be noticeable in the beginning but our body does respond to our mental state and takes a toll physically or mentally, it is also known that corona diagnosed patients tend to be afraid due to the knowledge of its deadly symptoms hence this may be a factor of the Hairfall.

How to stop Hairfall?
For starters, it is suggested to wash your hair properly, gentle and soft yet thorough wash can help strengthen the root of your hair nodules and eventually prevent Hairfall, and experts advice to post corona Hairfall treatment is to wash your hair with the stroke of your hand from back to front because that’s how out hair originate rather than traditional circular motion or from front to back.

It is obvious that the longer your hair is the heavier they will be, so it is a safe bet to get a smaller haircut to reduce the traction which is caused by the long hairs, it will also help eliminate any uprooted hair to slide down this giving you a clear perspective of the actual Hairfall. Another advantage of keeping short hair during this period is safe and efficient management. Once the people are taken care of, feel free to grow your hair back.

During the infected period, it is normal to observe diet changes because if stress and trauma, this change in diet may lead to a deficiency of some important nutrients which are needed by your body to promote hair growth, hence it is suggested to review your diet and make sure you follow a balanced diet to get all the nutrients.

Over to you.
Corona sure is a difficult virus to be dealt with, even after the treatment many patients may observe post-corona symptoms such as hair fall. Such symptoms are a result of the lack of a proper diet, stress, or even hormonal imbalances, which again is influenced by the diet. Follow the above-mentioned tips to minimize the Hairfall and eventually stop it.

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