Autism Health: 6 Creative Yet Health Friendly Recipes To Improve Mental Health

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Autism Health: 6 Creative Yet Health Friendly Recipes To Improve Mental Health

Mental health is not only about spiritual or emotional being but also about what goes into the body (nutrition). Children with Autism or Mental Health issues can be fussy eaters. We can include interesting but healthy foods to help boost their brain functioning.

Some Key Pointers To Remember While Planning Interesting Recipes:

  • Carbohydrates are important for the brain and body both as they are utilized as energy. But consuming simple carbs can lead to blood sugar spikes. So, more complex carbs in the form of whole grains must be consumed in order to promote slower production of glucose.
  • Spinach has a greater amount of folic acid which is said to restrain depression.
  • Yogurts are considered a good source of probiotics. They can help with digestive problems which is a prominent symptom of Autism.
  • Foods rich in magnesium and potassium increases oxygen reach to the brain, further improving brain functioning.
  • Nuts and chicken are a great source of Omega-3. It helps in fighting depression and provides a good amount of fat necessary for growth & development.
  • Dark chocolate contains a high amount of antioxidants like flavonoids. It boosts attention, mood and helps with cognitive function of the brain.

Here Are Some Health- Friendly Recipes To Improve Mental Health:

1. Walnut Halwa- It might sound a little desi but it is definitely a mood-booster and mental-health friendly. This indulging and easy to make dessert keeps the brain healthy and taste buds happy.
Recipe- Dry roast the walnuts and then grind them in a mixer. Heat ghee in a pan; add the powdered walnut and some milk with sugar. Add cardamom powder and let the mixture thicken. Serve hot with garnished nuts. You can add khoya to increase the protein content and creaminess.

2. Berry Salad- A fruit bowl or fruit salad can be really attractive and colorful. Berries are filled with antioxidants, good for Autism. The toppings like yogurt, cheese, honey, nuts, and olive oil can increase the health-content. But be careful with the portion otherwise it would overdo the calories.
Recipe- Start with some fresh berries like strawberry, blueberry etc., washed and chopped. Add chopped almonds, walnuts, cashews and yogurt or olive oil. Sprinkle some seasoning and serve.

3. Dark Chocolate Popcorn- Who doesn’t want chocolate popcorn? This can be a really good snack when someone is feeling low and wants to boost attention & mood. It is surely a recipe to improve Mental Health.
Recipe- Heat some butter in a pan, add dark chocolate and melt it. When melted, add some salt and corn kernels. Let them pop-up and the popcorn is ready.

4. Spinach Wrap- Spinach as we know is good for our brain health and it can be unattractive to have it in your meal. But a creative wrap can serve all the purpose and the taste too.
Recipe- Add sautéed and grinded spinach leaves in the dough and knead it. Make thin rotis or wraps; add paneer, sautéed spinach leaves, nuts, hung-curd spread or hummus and seasoning. Wrap them and serve.

5. Healthy Pancakes- Pancakes are usually made with refined flour. We can always be creative and choose to make them with whole grains like whole wheat flour, buckwheat etc. Recipe- Take your favorite healthy flour and add milk and powdered sugar to it, nicely whisk it. Add baking powder and put the batter on a heated pan with some butter. Serve with bananas, nuts or honey.

6. Lentil Rice bowl- Your normal dal rice can be made into an interesting & attractive bowl to please the eyes and the brain too.
Recipe- Take a bowl, add boiled rice and your choice of lentils. You can sauté lentils in a thick tomato gravy, to add a flavor. Sprinkle some seeds, nuts and yogurt. Serve with raw vegetables like cabbage and celery.

You can always be creative with what you choose to put in your meals. Just remember the good mood foods and add them to your favorite recipes!

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