Global Handwashing Day- Pledge to Wash Hands Properly

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Global Handwashing Day- Pledge to Wash Hands Properly

Global Handwashing Day(GHD) is a global campaign dedicated to raising awareness about washing hands with soap for disease prevention. It motivates and mobilizes people globally to better their handwashing habits. The reason why GHD commenced at the first place was the increased child mortality rates that were linked to respiratory and diarrhoea disorders. Moreover, It is not just the pandemic that should ring a bell in our ears to maintain hand hygiene, but also other ailments that begin with unclean hands and take the life of many, especially young children. To understand this and 2020’s theme for GHD, read further. 

Handwashing with soap is an easy, effective, affordable do-it-yourself practice that prevents infections and saves lives.

When handwashing is practised regularly protecting oneself, the family, and the community gets easy. It must be practised after using the toilet, before and after eating food, after touching unclean surfaces, and after sneezing or blowing the nose. Doing so can drastically reduce the risk of diarrhoea and pneumonia, while also aid in preventing the spread of infections such as influenza and Ebola. 

What is the proper technique to wash the hands?

Plain washing of hands with water, or washing them with a bar of soap in a hurry will not do much of a good. Here’s how the WHO(World Health Organisation) suggests you should do it. 

  • Wet your hands under tap water. 
  • Use enough soap to form a lather.
  • Rub every part of your hands properly. 
  • Clean your nails, fingertips, and thumbs too. Do it vigorously for 20 seconds. 
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry them using a towel.

Global Handwashing Day theme for 2020- Hand Hygiene For All.

The coronavirus outbreak facilitates a stark reminder that one of the easiest ways to curtail the spread of the virus is by maintaining hand hygiene, especially by washing hands with soap.

This year’s theme follows the global initiative launched by WHO and UNICEF which calls for a whole-of-society approach to achieve universal hand hygiene. Through increased political leadership, a strong enabling environment, and a robust supply and demand for hand hygiene facilities and supplies, the world can achieve Hand Hygiene for All.

Globally, 3 billion of the world’s population is deprived of a basic handwashing facility. Approximately 75% of those who do not have access to soap and water live in the world’s poorest countries and are among the most vulnerable groups. This includes children and families living in informal settlements, migrant and refugee camps, and in areas of active conflict. While access to soap and water is a prime step, this must also be supported by a change in the attitude relating to handwashing, for it to become a long-term commitment. 

Over to you. 

Global Handwashing Day looks out to brace a global and local culture of handwashing with soap. Hence this Global Handwashing Day, take a pledge to improve your hygiene habits while working towards creating a better and healthier future. Because truly, your future lies in your hands.

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