Make Your Quarantine Interesting by Trying these Cool and Refreshing Drinks at Home

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Make Your Quarantine Interesting by Trying these Cool and Refreshing Drinks at Home

While summers are almost here, the need for hydration also arises. The scorching heat and dry weather hold the risk of leaving us dehydrated. Fizzy soda carbonated energy drinks might fully quench your thirst but these light and healthy drinks will necessarily provide you nutrients. To not get bored from simple fluid options like water, juices, and soup, we have few other refreshing options to explore which will ensure to keep you cool and hydrated throughout the day.


  • Mango chia smoothie


Peel the mangoes, separate the pulp and blend it, add almond milk to it, blend until it reaches the desired consistency. Top the smoothies with tiny pieces of mango and sprinkle chia seeds (soaked overnight). You can add slight sweet by adding a few drops of honey and it makes a perfect breakfast or a quick snack option. Full of fiber and antioxidants, Vitamin A and C are the major nutrients in mangoes and they help build immunity.


  • Watermelon cooler


A simple and easy cooler is low in calories and vegan. This yummy energy drink leaves you rejuvenated and is loaded with antioxidants. Simply a slice of watermelon and enough water and blend in together with few mint leaves, this could beat the heat and leaves you cool and refreshed. Slushy and luscious, this watermelon cooler will give you the cold rush to the bits.


  • Sattu sherbet


Sattu powder is made from roasted black chanas and leaves a cooling effect on the body. Filled with fiber, protein, and nutrients, sattu is a brilliant summer cooler. It is a great source of energy and keeps you hydrated. It gives your skin a natural glow and has low glycemic index which keeps your sugar levels in check. It boosts digestion and cures constipation. Just add one to two teaspoons of sattu powder in water and few drops of lemon. If you wish, you can add a drop of honey. 


  • Green mango (aam) panna


A summer special drink, raw mango aam panna is high in vitamin C and acts as an excellent cure to battle the scorching sun. Peel and put the raw mango slices inside hot boiling water to cook and remove from flame when soft and tender. Cool down, crush or blend and strain, add a dash of cumin powder and enjoy the delight of coolness. You can add mint powder if you wish to. 

Over to you

Relish the beautiful taste of these easy natural and home-made drinks. It could provide you with essential nutrients and can refresh you to the core. Make your pitchers and mason jars ready to be filled with these amazing energy drinks. 

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