Ministry of Ayush Tweeted About The Benefits Of Ardha Cakrasana

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Ministry of Ayush Tweeted About The Benefits Of Ardha Cakrasana

There are numerous types of exercises that are done to stay healthy, and one such exercise is yoga. Yoga is a form of exercise with light movements to promote physical and mental stability. You can practice anytime, anywhere, but early morning is the best time. Yoga is more than just an exercise to build strength and lose weight, it helps you to better understand yourself. It helps in strengthening the muscles, improving bone density, boosting agility, eliminating stress, and aids weight loss.

Yoga has many different asanas that help strengthen every part of the body. One such asana is Ardha Chakrasana which is also called the half-wheel pose. Ardha means half chakra means wheel in this post the body takes the shape of a half field hence it is called Ardha Chakrasana. It requires you to stretch and bend your back to give you unbelievable health benefits. The Ministry Of Ayush tweeted about the benefits of Ardha Cakrasana, with a video of instructions for doing this asana.

How To Do Ardha Chakrasana:

  • Starting from alert posture stand with feet two inches apart, support the back at the sides of the waist with your fingers.
  • Try to keep the elbows parallel to each other.
  • Drop the head backward stretching the front side of the neck.
  • As you exhale band backward from the lumbar region.
  • Maintain the final position for 3 to10 breaths inhale, and slowly come up and return to the starting position

Benefits Of Ardha Chakrasana:

  • It is extremely helpful in controlling blood sugar levels and stimulating the pancreas.
  • It helps in improving lung capacity and curing respiratory disorders.
  • It miraculously works in reducing thigh and stomach fat.
  • It promotes flexibility in the back and spine.
  • Helps is stimulating reproductive organs.
  • It helps in relieving menstrual cramps.

This posture must be done with utmost care and precaution, under the guidance of a yoga teacher or with all the proper steps. If not done properly can injure the back or spine. Avoid this posture in case of vertigo, and spine or hips problems. People with cardiac problems, pregnant women, or someone with high blood pressure and ulcers must also not practice Ardha Chakarasana.

Over To You:
Yoga is a spiritual but very beneficial exercise, it is more about the inside than the outside. Practice Ardha Chkarasna and relieve all that back pain, reduce fat, increase lung capacity, and whatnot!

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