Latest Study Reveals People with COVID-19 are More Prone to Mental Health Issues

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Latest Study Reveals People with COVID-19 are More Prone to Mental Health Issues

COVID-19 has proved to be a deadly virus that can spread relatively very easily. A lot of people have been diagnosed with this virus and a lot of people have lost their lives because of it. The fact that the diagnosed people die because of the virus has generated terror among the patients and hence their mental state takes a toll due to the situation and becomes prone to mental health issues such as breakdown, depression, and anxiety.

The situation

The reports indicate that people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 are likely to be more prone to mental health problems. According to the reports, 20% of people diagnosed with the virus have gone through depression, dementia, and/or anxiety within 3 months of diagnosis. Due to these reports, the doctors suspect that people who are diagnosed with this virus are more susceptible to mental health problems.

When an individual is diagnosed with a deadly virus one of the first feeling is fear. This fear when not treated later becomes the root cause of anxiety and depression due to a lack of hope and negativity. The fact that people know about how deadly the virus has become creates a chain reaction of terror in the mind forcing it to be pessimistic and start to lose hope. The diagnosis is not the real problem, the real problem is the untreated fear of death.

On average 6% of adults suffer psychiatric disorders due to the covid-19, the number far greater than the patients without covid-19, which is 3.4%. Due to this reason, the researchers are constantly trying to find a link between how this mind starts to create hindrance in brain function.

Constant quarantine and isolation of covid-19 patients generate a social skill degradation and further leads to a mind that is isolated with negative thoughts.

Over to you
Covid-19 has proved to be a deadly virus that causes major fatal problems such as death. Another fatal problem it leads to is a mental health disorder. Due to constant quarantine and isolation the patients isolate and their social life is destroyed, because of this, they are left with an isolated mind full of pessimistic thoughts due to the knowledge of how deadly the virus is. The research concurs with this, as the number of people who had psychiatric disorders due to coronavirus is far greater than people without corona. Hence it is important to not let the fear get the better of us and handle the situation calmly to prevent falling into any of our mental health problems.

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