Here are Some Foods and Easy Home Remedies to Combat Period Pain

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Here are Some Foods and Easy Home Remedies to Combat Period Pain

Dealing with a painful period definitely puts a period on daily activities, work, and social life. If you go through moderate pain during your cycle, that’s not much of a concern. But if the pain is unbearable, then that might be due to any underlying health condition like iron deficiency. You must get yourself checked by a health care expert. But, if you are suffering from moderate and regular pain, try these foods and easy home remedies to combat it. 

Soaked raisins and Kesar. 

In two different, small bowls soak 4-5 black raisins and 1-2 strands of Kesar or saffron. Have them on an empty stomach. This is the most useful food-based nutrition intervention for period cramps and bloating. It can also help in constipation and iron deficiency. 

Include root and tuber vegetables. 

Root and tuber vegetables like sweet potatoes, potatoes, elephant yam, and taro root in your meals. These vegetables are rich in fibre, polyphenols, and naturally occurring hormone-like substances that ease out your period, and lets you have better skin and hair. 

Have any fruit in the evening. 

Eating any fruit of choice at around 4 or 6 p.m in the evening will make you eat a reduced dinner portion. This will help in a sound sleep and will make you feel fresher in the morning. Otherwise, you will end up eating more at dinner, or having any stimulant like tea, or coffee, or indulging into the cravings of having your comfort food. You can choose to have a banana, which is rich in potassium, fibre, and Vitamin B. You can also opt for eating the banana flower, which has multiple medicinal properties. 

Have millets in winter. 

Millets help in improving the gut flora, which can enhance the health of the ovaries, reproductive system. Millets will not only add variety to your diet, but also help with painful periods, and endometriosis. You can include buckwheat, amaranth, or makai for the soon approaching winter season. 

Alive seeds and coriander seeds

Alive seeds or garden cress seeds help in a smooth and pain-free period. They are an abundant source of folic acid and iron. You can make coconut, jaggery and alive seeds ladoo, add a pinch of alive seeds to your glass of turmeric milk- which will help in your sleep cycle. Try to have one alive seed ladoo each day for a painless period. Alternatively, you can also mix coriander seeds, dried coconut, and jaggery together for your period pain. Add one tablespoon of ghee to all your meals. It has essential fatty acids, that aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. 











Over to you. 

Overcoming micronutrient deficiency can help in reducing painful periods, and you might even have fewer mood swings, cramps, sugar cravings, or fatigue. But, it’s noteworthy that it will take persistent efforts of about 3 months to forgo the pain. Include the above easy home remedies to not get bothered by uneasy and painful periods. 

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