6 Amazing Psychology Facts

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6 Amazing Psychology Facts

It is strange that humans are unique in their own way but yet similar in few factual information. They feel the same, the way a brain thinks in situations of stress is the same and even the way they perceive information is the same. The human psyche is infinitely complex. We have specific reasons for the way we react to the way we feel.

Below are few interesting psychological facts to give it a nice read:


  • Putting information in small (bite-sized) pieces helps us remember better.


Your short-term memory can only hold on to so much information at a time (unless you try one of the simple ways to improve your memory), which is why you use “dividing” to remember long numbers. For example, if you try to memorize this number: 90655372, you probably naturally thought something like 906-553-72.


  • You’re programmed to love the music you listened to in high school the most.


The music we like gives us a hit of dopamine (feel-good chemical), and that’s even stronger when we’re young because our brains are developing. From around age 12 to 22, everything feels more important, so we tend to emphasize those years the most and hang on to those musical memories.

Studies have found evidence that suggests our brains bind us to the music we heard as teenagers or at younger ages more tightly than anything we’ll hear as adults—a connection that never  weakens as we age.


  • Our brain doesn’t perceive long-term deadlines as important.


Almost everyone has procrastinated at one time or another, even though we know logically that it would make more sense to get a jump on our taxes than to turn on Netflix. We prefer urgent, unimportant tasks because we know we’ll be able to complete them. There’s also evidence that when we see the deadline looming in terms of days, rather than months or years, because we feel more connected to a day-by-day passing of time.


  • Social media is psychologically designed to be addictive.


Told yourself you’d just quickly check your Instagram notifications, and 15 minutes later you’re still scrolling? You’re not alone. Indefinite scrolling is actually something and yes it exists in all of us. When you can stay on the site without actually interacting and clicking, your brain doesn’t get that “stop” cue.


  • When you feel like you’re low on something (like money), you obsess over it.


Psychologists say that the brain is sensitive to scarcity—the feeling that you’re missing something you need or are low on it. When we have enough money, we tend to be better planners than when we are tight for money, one study found. When you’re feeling cash-strapped or in money debt, you might need more reminders to pay bills or do chores because your mind is too busy to remember or in finding out ways to deal with it.


  • You remember things better if you’ve been tested on them.


Yes, you heard right! Testing really does work. Research published in a journal found that people are more likely to store information in their long-term memory if they’ve been tested on the information (the more, the better) than if they just study and don’t need to remember it right away.

Over to you

You might have got answers to why you feel the way you do, or do the things you do? The way your mind functions has a lot to do with the way you are, and the things you believe in and do. It’s amazing how every ‘unique’ mind, somewhere functions similarly.

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