6 Things your mouth can tell you about your health

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6 Things your mouth can tell you about your health

Do you know your mouth can tell a lot about your overall health of the body? Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile filled with healthy teeth. In addition to brushing and flossing daily, be sure to visit your dentist every six months for a thorough cleaning and proper evaluation of your oral health. Many medical conditions have oral symptoms, so pay close attention to your mouth and look if there are any changes Let’s dig deep into this and know 6 things about your mouth that can point to your health-related concerns:

  • Tooth Decay: If you are one of those who used to brag about being cavity-free, but are all of the sudden sittings in the dentist’s chair having cavities filled, you could have diabetes. Tooth decay could be your body’s way of telling you that you have a problem processing glucose. As a result, excess sugar in your saliva can encourage bacteria that can cause dental cavities.
  • Bad Breath: Bad breath is not just linked to poor oral hygiene but can also result due to various health conditions like an indication of certain types of cancer including lung, throat, and stomach cancer. Acidic or fruity breath could be a sign that you have diabetes and if someone is complaining about fish breath, it could mean liver failure.
  • Bleeding Gums: If you have red gums and it starts bleeding when you brush, you may have gum disease. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, happens when there is a build-up of bacteria around your teeth. These bacteria can turn into calcified plaque, and this can cause the gums and bone to be infected. This should not be ignored because gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss.
  • Tooth Wear: Tooth wear could be a sign of a bigger problem, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). When your stomach acid hits your mouth, it could start wearing away the protective enamel on your teeth and eventually leads to tooth wear.
  • Dry Mouth: If you constantly feel thirsty, this could be a serious problem too. This could be an early warning symptom for diabetes. It can also be a sign of an autoimmune disorder, so book an appointment with your dentist at the earliest if this is the case with you.
  • White-Coated Tongue: If you have a white and coated tongue, it could be a sign of a fungal disease. This disease called Oral thrush is an oral fungal infection that shows up with a white cheesy appearance. It happens when the normal amount of yeast in your mouth gets out of hand and starts to grow too much but no need to panic as it can be cured easily under the guidance of your dentist.

Over to you:

Your mouth is the gateway to your entire body so pay close attention to the early warning signs, as it could be an indication of something more serious. Consult your doctor, if you find any of the above-mentioned health related concerns.

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