Geriatric Wellness — How to Keep the Joints Healthy & Mobile

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Geriatric Wellness — How to Keep the Joints Healthy & Mobile

Maintain healthy joints as you age are extremely important as it helps you in staying mobile while keeping you away from various pains, troubles and discomfort. From less physical activities to relying on a bad diet- there could be plenty of reasons for the stiffness in the joints and it can further give you various problems. As you start getting older, your muscles and joints become weak and it becomes quite important to do some lifestyle and diet changes in order to make your ageing healthy without any hassles and worries. 

Here are some effective tips that help you in keeping your joints healthy and mobile and safeguard you from health conditions like arthritis.

  • Keep your body moving: Many people believe that exercising in old age is not a good option as it brings weakness and drains out all the energy levels. But the truth is indulging in some regular (moderate-intensity) physical exercises can help in the fine movement of the muscles and lower down the stiffness in the joints while easing out the pain if any. Not abiding by this, it also helps in strengthening the muscles nearby the joints and help in keeping them movable.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: Maintaining an ideal weight during old age not only keeps you energetic and enthusiastic but also keeps you away from various health ailments. Extra body weight can put pressure on your important joints while making them weak and hard to work effectively. Maintaining your weight helps in keeping your joints healthy while reducing the stiffness, pains and discomfort. Moreover, it assists the joints to function properly and hence reduces the risk of various health ailments as well. 
  • Eat a diet rich in good Omega 3s: A healthy and well-balanced diet is not only good for the joints but also for the overall health and well-being. Incorporating foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids help in greasing the joints, make them smooth while lowering the down the pains and stiffness in the joints. Fatty fishes, nuts and seeds are rich in omega 3s and also offer anti-inflammatory properties which help in keeping your joints healthy.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D is a must: Special care of the bones at an older age is quite important. Don’t rely on supplements and add natural foods that are rich in Calcium and Vitamin D in your diet. Both calcium and Vitamin D work together to make the bones and joints happy and healthy. Include green leafy vegetables, fatty fishes, eggs, nuts, soya beans and fat-free dairy products in your diet to get the maximum quantities of these nutrients.   
  • A good posture is a must: Take special care of your posture to keep your joints in fine fettle. Maintain your sitting posture, neck postures while working to not put any strain on your joints. A good posture will save you from various pains and discomfort while strengthening your muscles and joints. You can include 30 minutes of walking to improve your posture and to make your joints healthy.


One of the golden rules to keep yourself healthy at an old age is to keep your joints healthy and mobile. Do include these pointers in your lifestyle to naturally strengthen your joints and to keep the pains and discomfort at bay.

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