Common Workout Myths That You Should Stop Believing

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Common Workout Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Everybody strives to be better, healthier, and getting fitter. Sometimes people believe all kinds of recommendations and advice when it comes to health, which increases the exposure to myths and ill information that can be quite harmful to the body, therefore here are some myths that need to be exposed since it is such a broad topic, it can be quite confusing and wrong techniques can restrict true benefits of a workout. Clearing away misconceptions can help you get better in lesser time, physically, mentally, etc.

Targeted fat loss

All of us have certain goals when we try to lose weight, like getting proper abs or something like that, which is why when we notice tips that offer an instant solution or a workout, we mostly go for it, like 10 min standing ab workout, but most experts say that you cannot target fat on any part of the body by exercising continually on that part. Working on only one part of the body may lead to futile results in comparison to performing exercises that target the entire body, joints used in such movements could be affected as well, therefore consistent cardiovascular exercises along with improved diet are great for getting fitter

Diet doesn’t play a role when you exercise regularly

This myth is so far from true since outer appearances and health are not interrelated, and if bad health is coupled with exercise, it may give you results for a short time but in the long run, it doesn’t work and is not effective, if you want to be healthier, in the long run, it is important to have an extremely healthy diet.

Heavier lifts can improve fitness

Many people brag about how much they lift and also consider that as an improvement but in reality, lifting heavy weights can cause injuries that can be fatal, but you can compare various components like strength, flexibility, cardio endurance, agility rather than the number of weights lifted to seek progress, this can show how much you’ve improved.

Belief in slimming and weight loss teas

Most of these teas that are advertised as slimming teas or promote weight loss are all pumped-up and high-on-caffeine and mostly do more harm to the body than good, you can’t force your body to mimic that of a fit athlete by drinking teas and expecting that to be a solution to your fitness problems.

Increased heart rate means more calories burned

Evaluating the number of calories burned based on raised heartbeat is wrong, you can’t evaluate it that way, neither can you calculate the deficit, but to find your optimum heart rate where you can perform optimally, and you can sustain that performance for longer.

For optimal performance and better fitness, it is important to eradicate them at the right time.

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